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We are delighted you found your way to us! Here you will find everything you need to help you create the life and relationships you want. 


And, would you like to:

  • Stop feeling stuck and take control of your life and relationship?
  • Gain a new and profound perspective on your self and your relationship?
  • Stop pushing your loved one(s) away with your anger, clinginess or other ineffective relational and personal habits?
  • Break your dissatisfying and reactive pattern? And stop having the same fights over and over again?
  • Operate from the same page, communicate and resolve conflict easily, and mutually meet your needs?
  • Deeply understand each other and experience warmth, love, and passion again?
  • Feel a strong connection, enjoy reciprocity and synergy with your partner?

Our services, programs and resources will help you make the changes in your life you have been putting off or have not been able to make yet. In our supportive and resourceful format we want to motivate and assist you make the changes you have been seeking.

As our expertise is in working with Couples, you will find a focus on resources, services, programming and products for Couple Success. Our approach also includes doing personal work so that a meaningful and satisfying relationship is possible. We specialize in pre-marital, pre-parenting, individualand couple codependenceinfidelity and emotional affairs, mid-life crisissexuality and intimacy, fighting and not getting along, and feeling disconnected work.

I carefully select, train and oversee our Team of like minded therapists. We are dedicated to assisting our clients succeed at their life and relationship. Contact us today to embark in the journey of a life time. Start living the life and enjoying the relationship you want!!

We are here to be of assistance to YOU! Call us (212-537-9055) or email us today to schedule your initial appointment!! 






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When feeling stuck in an interaction with your partner, try viewing the situation through their eyes.