Monthly Themes

Monthly Themes

We have Monthly Themes informing our investment and the focus of our work in our relationship and our life.

Here you can find FREE 1-page empowering downloadable exercises to support and complement the Themes.

JAN ~ Practice

Practicing Core Values

In January we start off the year with a new Plan (see December) to create the relationship and life we desire and want to experience. In this month we Practice new habits, tactics, and practices to assist us achieve our goals and intentions. Our Values are what is important to us in our life, the lens from which we filter our experiences, what we focus on and what we prioritize…. This will help you hone in what is important to you so you properly align your habits and practices.

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FEB ~ Love

Dating Your Partner

As we pick up momentum in the New Year, it is very easy to take our partner and our relationship for granted when all the other priorities in our lives just keep coming at us fast and furious. If we weren’t intentional about setting up practices to keep up focused and about sticking with them, right about now we might be feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, and fatigued… This is the time to refocus on connection and love to realign and replenish… This will help you implement how to date your Partner and rekindle your love and spark.

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MAR ~ Refresh

Refreshing for Newness

About now, we are beginning to feel the need for a refresh, reset, and for something new… This is a great time to do cleanses, detoxes, resets, decluttering, spring cleaning. Have you noticed that somehow there is always more stuff to get rid of? The extras just sneak in and before we know it, we have to declutter again. And the extras are not just more toys, books, or clothing. The extras include activities, projects, bad habits, negative thinking and more… This will help you create space for the new…

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APR ~ Flourish

Nurturing Your Relationship

It’s too easy to deprioritize our relationship, once we are committed but also as the year progresses… We let all the wooing, romancing, and impressing fall to the wayside. With a refresh possibly under our belts from last month, and as we want to continue to enrich, enliven, and enhance our relationship, now is the time to nurture it with more intention, liveliness, and lightheartedness. For what you nurture flourishes. This will help you nurture your partner and your relationship and have fun doing it.

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MAY ~ DeProgram

Changing Codependence Patterns

We often hold the erroneous belief that to nurture our partner we must take care of them. Caretaking is not the same as nurturing. Nurturing is a loving and caring approach, caretaking is a codependent approach… Codependency is a stuck dynamic driven by our programming… This month we focus on reparenting ourselves and deprogramming. But, first see if you have codependent tendencies… This will help you identify if and where you are over caring so you can course correct.

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Jun ~ Develop

Challenging Sabotaging Programs

Sometimes we feel stuck or are simply ready for change to take our relationship and life to the next level. We might find that we have the same issues, sensitivities, and patterns holding us back from our epic relationship and best life. Investing in deprogramming the hold of our egoic patterns frees us to create what we desire. This will help you find a deprogramming challenge that provides a pesky habit interruption or a new habit implementation, catapulting us into new levels of consciousness and being needed for our new creations…

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Jul ~ Bask

For July we take a break from intentionally improving and upleveling our relationship and our life, to intentionally basking in it… We use this month R&R, for relaxation and recreation. Here is when we slow down the doing and allow more time and space for taking in all the beauty that is our life. To go on adventures, enjoy nature, and nurture other aspects of ourselves and our life. Here we play with hobbies and interests, or explore something new. Here is when we get to play more…

Aug ~ Expand

Expanding with Purpose

If we follow the common back-from-vacation schedule that is usually this month, we find ourselves inspired and energized for Part 2 of the year. This is when it’s great to reconnect with our desires and our purpose, and to realign how we do our life with our life vision, and even our mission… This has to do with moving from mediocre or comfortable or coasting, to really going for it. This will help you identify your purpose, for what drives you and makes you happy, to properly re-align yourself with yourself and your life for the rest of the year…

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SEP ~ Collaborate

Dividing and Conquering for Support

As we move into the busy season, the home can feel pretty chaotic and up-side-down with new routines and demands. Partners get triggered more easily, get into silly fights, and experience drama, lack of progress in their life, and stuckness because they might not be on the same page about creating their Joint Life… This will help you systematize your operation- create a smooth-running household where you equitably share responsibilities for creating your life…

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 OCT ~ Impact

Creating Change Through Influence

As we enter the last quarter of the year, we might feel behind or stuck in our progress, and we might blame our partner for it… We might even be trying to change our partner to make things work… But we know we can’t change other people… What if there actually is a way to change our partner? The way is by us showing up differently so they have to respond differently in turn, and thus having changed… This will help you approach your relationship and your partner differently, inducing change from your partner… *Featuring our Flagship Strategy

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NOV ~ Appreciate

For November we take a break from proactively managing and investing in creating change in our relationship and our life… Instead we focus on appreciating everything we already have achieved, have created and have become along with all we have and love in our life… This month we turn up our gratitude dial and give thanks for all the gifts, blessings, and magic in our lives… We invest in upleveling our gratitude practice for the month and beyond, and embrace an overall grateful heart…

DEC ~ Plan

Planning for Your Best Life

As the year comes to a close, now is the time to wrap-up the year with a bow, engage in creating a beautiful and magical holiday season, and plan for the year ahead. Now is the time to refresh our life vision, to revise our life strategy, to set new goals, and a powerful intention for the new year that light up our heart and put a spring in our step. Now is the time to wrap up the year with a bang, and set ourselves up to glide into the New Year with pizazz. Now is the time to plan for a lifetime of peace, joy, love, and happiness… *Featuring our Signature Planning Process that can be used for any Reset

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