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Read about our Founder and how Emma came to be a skilled couples counselor in Manhattan. Our Practice and our Approach are specifically designed with you in mind. Click on each button below to learn all about us.

Our Mission

We are a psychotherapy and relationship coaching practice committed to providing exceptional service to busy intimate partners and couples in order to help them become a successful relationship and live a meaningful life creating a loving, caring and supportive home for (their) children.

We strive to provide the most compelling personal service experience possible where our clients recommend us to their families and friends, partners and colleagues entrust us with their clients, and for which our team is proud.

We are dedicated to touching the lives of all with who we are in connection, and leading the way for socially-conscious practices.

As Seen In…
As Seen In…

Giving Back

We are strong supporters of causes we are particularly passionate about that align with our Mission. We are delighted to share them with you.

Thank you for your help in making the support of these organizations possible!

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Unstoppable Foundation

Save the Children

Lend a Hand Uganda

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