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Successful Couple™

A 3-part Relationship Enrichment Mini-Course to Create the Relationship You Desire​


Tired of Fighting without Resolution?
Tired of Talking but Getting Nowhere?
Tired of Chasing Connection with Your Partner to Still Feel Alone?

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Relationship Enrichment Bootcamp™

Embrace the Transformational Elements of the Successful Couple Strategy™️


Do you feel stuck and yearn for more in your relationship and your life?
Do you experience frequent misunderstandings and arguments?
Do you have recurring issues and can’t seem to get your needs met?
Do you feel lonely, taken for granted, and disconnected?
Are you carrying the brunt of the responsibilities in your home?

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52 Laser Relationship Assignments™

Practical Tactics to Effortlessly Nurture Your Relationship​


Are you struggling connecting with your partner?
Do you feel that no matter what you do your partner is never satisfied?
Do you feel neglected and taken for granted?

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40 Signs that You Love TOO Much

There is Such a Thing as Loving Your Partner TOO Much… Is This You?


Do you feel you care more than your partner does?
Do you anticipate all your partner’s needs?
Do you believe everything would fall apart if it wasn’t for you?

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Setting Effective Boundaries™

Mastering the Art of Getting Your Needs Met


Do you feel like a door mat?
Do you take on more than your fair share?
Do you find it difficult to get your needs met?

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