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  • Are you feeling stuck, hopeless and at a loss, or simply ready for more?
  • Do you find that you are usually misunderstood, not heard, or get into frequent disagreements?
  • Are you frustrated by your repeating patterns and habits that you just can’t seem to change?
  • Are you feeling lonely, alone, disconnected, and missing out on love?
  • Do you find that you are overwhelmed with the onslaught of demands and to-dos?

Not Worries, We Got You!

A 5 Constructs Framework…

Our Framework flows from our philosophy and informs our approach, work and content.

Here is a brief overview:

Do less and make more changes with self-fathering…


Context & Mindset:
Empowering the Self

We have to understand our worldview, our meaning system, our believes, our values, our mindset to understand the lens we use to experience the world and our life.
We have to identify how this is serving us or holding us back from creating the life we want…
We have to address, upgrade and reprogram anything that is disempowering or keeping us stuck.


Communication & Alignment:
Improving Understanding

We have to master communication skills and tools to enrich our relationship(s).
We have to advocate for ourselves and share ourselves while honoring others.
We have to understand and accept others while honoring ourselves.


Clarity & Dynamics:

Changing Patterns

We have to identify repeating patterns that are keeping us stuck and affecting our wellbeing, connection and success.
We have to understand how we collude and cocreate our dynamics, experience, reality with another.
We have to address what drives the pattern, and change it.


Connection & Intimacy:

Feeling Connected

We have to connect with our Self first…
We have to understand how we each love and like to receive love, and nurture the relationship.
We have to establish balance between togetherness and separateness.


Collaboration & Partnership:
Becoming a Team

We have to have a joint Life Vision and Strategy.
We have to identify responsibilities and how to share the load.
We have to have systems for synchronizing and running our impactful joint life.

Before working with Emma, my husband and I had a deeply loving yet incredibly frustrated relationship. How can two people who clearly love each keep hurting and misunderstanding each other constantly? From the very first session, Emma taught us the concept of circles, which my husband and I were seriously guilty of violating. This simple concept shed light on so many of our issues, which became clearer and easier to resolve. Now, we don’t even have to address it anymore because it is no longer an issue. My husband and I are reaching new heights in our relationship every day thanks to Emma helping us understand each other more deeply.

Another very dear relationship I have is with my sister. I didn’t even intend for anything other than couple’s therapy, but Emma was so effective, I started individual sessions with her. Thanks to her insights, I realized I was suffering from intense codependency with my sister. By dissecting my compulsive, fear-based actions toward her, Emma has freed me of a lot of unnecessary worry, over-functioning, caretaking, and micro-managing. I can have a REAL relationship with my sister again as a mutual best friend, not someone I need to fret over. I’m empowered to focus on myself, which empowers my sister in turn to truly find her own agency.

I’m a completely different person now than I was 2 years ago when I first started working with Emma. We’re no longer putting our fires and hashing out tedious details of long fights with my husband. Instead, now I’m discovering and sharing my dreams in life and as a person. I’m growing into my own wisdom and listening to my inner voice as my guide. I’ve become intuitive, trusting, calm, patient, and strong. I’m the best version of myself I’ve ever been, thanks to Emma, who is an exceptional enthusiastic supporter cheering me on every step of the way.

Esther H.


To anyone who is having difficulties in their relationship and seeking answers, I highly recommend Emma. I was someone who didn’t have any experience with a relationship therapist, and who grew up with a bias towards therapy as a service only people with serious issues needed (not me). However, out of an inability to solve the issues I had with my girlfriend at the time (now my wife), which included fighting, commitment issues and problems communicating, I decided to put my pre-conceived notions aside and searched for a relationship therapist. We tried two therapists with little success, before finding Emma.

Please believe me, having doubted therapy and having tried therapists before Emma, that she is truly good at what she does. My wife and I have been married for almost five years and we have a beautiful baby boy, and couldn’t be happier. I wanted to volunteer this endorsement for Emma, because I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for both me and my wife. Seeing Emma changed our lives (both as a couple and as individuals). We feel more confident in our choices, have more control over our life and learned how to choose happiness.

Looking back at all of the education I have had throughout my life, without batting an eye, I can say that Emma was the best “course” I’ve ever taken. My wife and I have not seen Emma in years. A testament to the lessons learned and skills developed in our sessions with her that we have taken with us. I believe if you are struggling in your personal life and/or in your relationship, and choose to see Emma, you will walk away a happier person than when you came.

Joe and Sara

A few years back, I reached a point where I felt unsure about the path I was on and how to change it. Relationships, my job, you name it I was at a stalemate. The biggest thing was I wasn’t able to recognize what was stunting my growth and making me feel helpless; I just was. I was naturally reacting to this emotion with high levels of anxiety, depression, and a decline in my overall health.

Growing up in a big Catholic family I either spoke to God, a priest, or another family member about issues and how to handle them. I always went into things with the best of intentions, but really didn’t recognize how I contributed to the results, good or bad. Needless to say I needed an outsider’s objective input and Emma was that.She is my CHEERLEADER. I really am not the type of person who thought I ever needed that and sometimes fought it, but when changing your mindset, patterns of behavior, taking ownership, and the necessary steps towards living your best life you need that.

Life will always be a work in progress, but it is amazing the change in my mindset. It is becoming second nature to recognize, plan and implement ways of communicating that are constructive. I love meditating and have added a few other things to my daily schedule that have made a big difference to my health on a broader scale. Emma has helped navigate me through changes both on the inside and out. I am very grateful I connected with her when I did. It is never too early or too late to ask for a little help.

Erin M.

Where to begin, so I started seeing Emma around 2001 right before 9/11 I was a NYC police officer in my third year. Newly married. I was involved with some Trumatic experiences in my first three years on the job. Then 9/11 happened. And that was pretty much the icing on the cake. Needless to say I lost that marriage. But not Emma, she was always there. I tried to keep most of my appointments but I was on and off for a while. But still connected.

Fast forward to 2006 got remarried and I was still keeping my appointments with Emma. Trying to build a strong relationship with my new wife. Then in 2007 I was called up to serve my country. I did 6 months in Afghanistan. I was involved with a whole bunch of Trumatic experiences there. When I got back I had my first son in 2008 my second son in 2010. Then it all came crashing down on me. For three years I lived a lie that I was fine, that I was ok. But all the trauma that I experienced made it impossible to live. Emma was still there still guiding me.

Needless to say my second marriage did not work out. Fast forward to 2018. I am a very happy single dad of two fine young boys. I retired from NYPD and have my own business and I am enjoying life. I just wanted to say through it all Emma has always been there always gently nudging me in the right direction, helping me deal with my demons of war and policing. Just don’t ever give up! Life is to wonderful!


Life is crazy with two kids and managing a “new” 80+ year old house all while trying to balance demanding careers. Liz and I have been communicating better (ie, listening to each other with kindness), and finder a greater appreciation for one another.That is not to say that there are not disagreements, but at least that we are communicating better.

We recognize that our daughter is a huge stressor to our relationship.Her personality is very strong-willed, and she is very demanding on Liz – to the point that it can take away from the normal family balance of getting chores done and spending time together.We are working with her on this, although with mixed success.We are still learning as parents.

I am hoping that you consider us one of your success stories, even if we contact you in the future for more sessions.

Mike and Liz


Before working with Emma, my husband and I were starting to drift apart into two separate directions. We have been together for 10 years, but we didn’t know how to communicate with one another. The only form of communication came in the form of arguments, where we believed the louder you were, it would ensure that your message would get across. In fact, this did the complete opposite, where I would just tune out of the conversation entirely and could not focus at what was being expressed. We were both reluctant to speak with a therapist at first. But then I called Emma and in our introductory conversation she put me at ease and made me realize that there was hope, all we needed was a little work to get back on the same page.

Since our initial meeting with Emma, our marriage has improved immensely. We quickly realized that we were arguing so much at the time because were weren’t speaking each other’s love language. We learned that what is important in a relationship for me does not have to be the same to what is important to my husband. It was only when we started to take notice of how to speak our loved one’s language is when we started to see a real change in our relationship for the better. The arguing decreased and now we have the skills in handling difficult topics in which we once avoided. We also are rediscovering the reason of why we fell in love and got married through our now monthly scheduled date nights.

I whole-heartedly love my husband and I now understand that he loves me equally as well. With Emma’s guidance, we are better at managing our day to day lives as a couple while still discovering ways to maintain the excitement in our relationship. Any doubt in our minds that we thought this relationship may not last has disappeared, and we now focus on maintaining each other’s needs meet. At the end of the day, Emma helped us rekindle our passion, continue our love but most importantly understand how much we love our lives together. We will be forever grateful for her patience and effective therapy. From the bottom of our hearts we THANK YOU!!! xoxo

Carolyn C.

Before working with Emma I was going through a challenging time and was feeling very disconnected with my spouse.

I now know how to voice my needs in a way that feels good and empowering, and that can be received well.

The most significant improvements from my work with Emma have been in making time for connection and being able to have honest communication on a regular basis.

Jill Ashley H.

My wife and I have been working with Emma for several years. While we do still have many issues, we have made progress when reflecting about our marriage. Emma’s no-nonsense and straightforward approach has helped us untangle issues that trip us up. We are on a journey towards a much healthier relationship with each other.

Steve C.

Emma is an exceptional relationship therapist. She has helped us make significant changes in our relationship and understand the nuances of our dynamic. She has given us tools to improve our communication and grow as a couple. In addition, we’ve been able to grow as individuals and enhance other aspects of our lives. Emma has an amazing memory and is able to remember even minor details of the journey in order to connect to people and do their work on a deeper level. She can provide insights and address challenges in all different phases of therapy. She has changed our lives and I highly recommend her!

ND and RJ

Over a six-month period Emma played a critical role in transforming our relationship to the best place it’s been in many years. Emma’s approach enabled us to feel ‘at ease’ during the sessions and we always left each session feeling more in tune with each other and in a good place. I especially liked that we were provided with a range of practical tools that we can continue to use whenever we need too and to keep things going strong. I have no hesitation in recommending Emma’s services and believe that all couples should take some time to work on (nurture) their relationship at some point in their lives.

Tanya M.

I came to Emma when my marriage fell apart and I thought that things could not get worse. Fast forward 5 years, post divorce, and Emma has supported me and helped me to flourish and be happier than I have ever been in my adult life. Her support has been a critical factor in my growth and development, as a well adjusted and single woman. Emma is about counseling you on your relationship with yourself, so that you can be a better partner for someone else. I now feel poised and ready to meet someone.

Jodi S.

Three years ago, my husband and I decided that we needed help communicating. We both suffer from anxiety and had maladaptive ways of dealing with our own stressors, both individually and as a couple. Although, we were initially skeptical about the process of couples therapy, three years later here we stand, happy and together.

We have both experienced tremendous growth working with Emma. She has helped in introducing tools to help us better our relationship behaviors and given us tips to strengthen our communication and how we react to one another. I love that our sessions include appreciations of one another and how to maintain all the success we have achieved. Emma has helped us identify issues that we needed to focus on and establish treatment goals and structure for our sessions.

I am proud to say that we are now at a point where we see Emma on a seasonal basis for maintenance. Our relationship is healthier than it ever has been and we owe that to all of the work we have put in to ourselves and with Emma. I truly believe that without our continued support from Emma our relationship would not be as strong as it is today.

Erin A.

Emma is energetic, kind, honest, and exudes confidence.

She has been instrumental in helping us redefine our communication style with each other. In this way we are better able to meet each other’s needs and obtain positive outcomes without hard feelings or hurtful words.

She has helped us strengthen our foundation as a couple making it easier to cope with extended family issues without damaging our unity. Working with Emma has been a pleasurable experience.

S and J

My husband and I are really glad we decided to work on our relationship. Before we met Emma, our lack of communication and trust were interfering with our relationship. We would usually argue about insignificant issues without ever coming to any sort of resolution. The easiest way out used to be the silent treatment, which led to an accumulation of resentment and anger towards each other. This ultimately culminated in an incident related with infidelity in our relationship, which made us realize that we needed professional help in order to continue together as a couple. We both decided to seek out a therapist that could help us understand and overcome the difficulties that we were going through in that stage of our relationship. My husband and I thankfully found Emma; she provided the assistance and guidance that we needed to not only mend our relationship, but also make it stronger.

After consistently going to therapy with Emma, we were able to overcome our difficulties and learn the proper ways to invest in our relationship. Emma provided us with the tools we needed in order to grow, not only as a couple, but also as individuals. Thanks to Emma, we were able to rebuild the trust that had been lost, and develop better communication skills that had been lacking previously in our relationship.

Our relationship now is better than ever before, and we are really proud and satisfied with all the hard work that we have done, with Emma’s help. We highly recommend to our friends and family and anyone that is having relationship issues with their partners, to seek help before the situation becomes unmanageable. If you truly love somebody, you should invest time and effort to work on your relationship; we are really glad that we did. We’d like to thank Emma and her team for all their guidance and support.

Dahyana R.

Before working with Emma, I had been suffering from anxiety for as long as I can remember. It was not the kind of anxiety people on the outside could see, but I was prone to panic attacks where my heart and brain would race and it would feel like I was spinning out of control. I would have trouble calming down, and it was very disruptive to my ability to work and deal with adversity in my relationships. I had read a few books, and tried some suggested methods, but nothing was sticking.
Then I decided to invest in self-improvement, met Emma and joined the MetroRelationship family. The experience was very different than I could have imagined, and looking back I can’t believe how long it took to find myself here.

My time with Emma has been life changing, and has given me the tools and the mindset to battle the voice in my head to better control my anxiety and recognize when I am heading towards a panic attack.

Emma and MetroRelationship so far has given me invaluable insights and tools that have significantly improved my ability to deal with my anxiety in a productive way.

Jennifer C.

Before we began working with Emma, my wife and I faced constant battles that were based on perceptions of one another without real conversations to share feelings and struggles. We were often telling the other party what they were feeling and why they were being the way they were (which we later learned is called “being in the other’s circle”). We also didn’t know how to help one another by letting them feel heard, understood, respected, valued, and more.

In meeting with Emma, we’ve learned to apply various “tools added to our toolbox”, e.g. methods to apply to specific situations that help to bridge the invariable divides that happen in a close personal relationship. We’ve learned to show respect to one another in the unique ways that we each need. We’ve also learned how to show empathy in new ways, and how to both support our partner and take care of own emotional needs.

So, we intend on keeping Emma in our collective circle for as long as she’ll have us. We are incredibly grateful.

Gregg G.

Prior to working with Emma, I was in a quandary about my marriage – “should I stay or should I go?” I had been living with my light out for years, yearning for more. I referred to this period of time as my “D” years. I felt Demoralized, Disempowered, Disconnected, Downtrodden, and Diminished to name a few. Then I had a “smacked upside the head” moment and realized the lack was not in the relationship (which I blamed everything on) it was within myself.

I asked myself “was it possible if I changed, would the relationship change?” Yes, it was – it was like a miracle!

Emma guided me to own my power which promoted personal growth, confidence and well-being. I learned to value myself and esteem my partner with clearer ways to communicate. I am getting what I wanted for a long time: respect, appreciation, openness, ease, goodwill, and trust. I am now in for the long haul.

Amy M.

It was an exhaustive search to find someone I felt comfortable sharing my most intimate thoughts and emotions with, but that search paid off.

Throughout my personal healing journey, Emma was (and still is) an amazing ally. Smart, hip, a great listener, and doesn’t tell you what you want to hear – rather what you need to hear. When you’re in need of a professional to help you trudge through the mucky muck, you need someone who’ll shoot from the hip and give you unbiased advice. That’s been exactly my experience from the moment we first got down to brass tacks.

Emma and her team can be of service, you’re in good hands as far as I’m concerned.

Ruggy G.

I highly recommend Emma and the services she provides at MetropolitanMFT. I’ve been a client of hers for several years, suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. My life has changed tremendously since I started my treatment. I’ve gone from an inability to easily connect with people and maintain romantic relationships to being more secure with myself, enjoying the company of my friends and family, and most recently becoming engaged to my future wife.

It wasn’t easy and it took longer than I anticipated but the process unfolded the way it was supposed to. Despite Emma correctly identifying my issues it took some time for me to see things the way they were. The biggest thing Emma did for me was help me continuously make progress throughout my treatment so I never gave up and continued to work towards my goals. Throughout my resisting phase she was patient and listened to my venting with compassion and support.

Today I can say that I never imagined that I would be in the place that I am in my life and I owe a lot of that to Emma and MetropolitanMFT.

If you are on the fence about whether to seek treatment for your conditions I believe you absolutely should and there’s no better place to do so than with Emma at MetropolitanMFT.


My experience with Emma has been life changing or I should say relationship changing. My fiance and I sought Emma’s counsel when my fiance, then just boyfriend, and I exploded into a big mess.

So, I meet Emma, with my fiance, and approached the meeting with a “know-it-all” and defensive attitude. Today I look back at my then attitude and laugh. I knew so little about myself, how I emotionally and mentally functioned, and WHY I functioned the way I do. My fiance and I have worked on positive communication tactics and overcoming some of our own personal barricades. We now feel totally comfortable, safe, joyful, hopeful and resilient because of Emma’s guidance.

Vanessa and Eric

“Spousal disagreements” cost me my first marriage, and I could see the same patterns reoccurring in my second marriage. I thought it was an anger-management issue, and that’s how we started with Emma Viglucci. She very quickly transferred my preconceived anger management to a couples’ dialogue problem: we were very skilled in pushing each other’s buttons. I had succeeded in truly believing that my withdrawals were an effective security blanket, for I had had no feelings whatsoever.

Both my wife and I truly value our results from working with Emma. I honestly believe she saved our marriage. I would unhesitatingly recommend her to any couple with whatsoever degree of trouble.


My wife and I were at the end of our rope when it came to our relationship. We tried repairing our relationship for several years on our own, but to no avail. We were destined for divorce court. One day my wife suggested we get help from an outside source. I reluctantly agreed for the sake of our children.

It did not take long for me to realize that I had to make a drastic change in my lifestyle and perception of others in order to save my marriage and begin the healing of my entire family. Through continued visits with Emma and assigned readings, we have made a remarkable improvement in our relationship. I find it a lot easier to communicate affectively and share my daily experiences with my wife. My relationship with my children has reach a whole new level as well.

Emma’s inquiring approach allowed us to pinpoint and resolve numerous obstacles in our relationship.

Stepping into Emma’s office that first day has been the most single most important decision I have made in 15 years.


Participating in marriage counseling with Emma was a wonderful and positive experience. Using humor and kind words, she put at ease right from the beginning. We immediately felt comfortable and were able to “dive” right into our problems.

Emma was accurate in her assessments of our strengths and weaknesses both as individuals and as a couple. This led to increasing our own awareness of the issues and an ability to begin solving them. We were able to discuss our issues as well as realize the importance of being good listeners.

Years later we are enjoying family life with our soon to be one year old son! Thanks to you always Emma!!

E & M

Working with Emma has changed my relationship with my husband in a truly positive way. We have worked with Emma for a total of around four months, but in that short amount of time we have learned how to understand each other in such a profound way. We fight less, and when we do disagree we don’t have to reach that degree of craziness or loss of control anymore because we have the tools to prevent it.

Emma’s ability to speak Spanish was a huge bonus for my partner who was able to open up more freely using his native language, and she was very effective in understanding our cultural differences. We feel that Emma has helped us cultivate the beginning of what we hope will be years of clear communication and less games.


I was originally ordered to see Emma or I would lose my job. So you can imagine that I wasn’t to thrilled to meet her.

My attitude during our initial session was not the best as I was feeling that all this was a waist of time. As we went along I allowed myself to open up more and more and instead of feeling forced to do something I let myself do something for ME. What started as work related became a kind of self-improvement exercise that I am maintaining.

She seemed to be able to ask the right questions and to challenge me in a relaxed environment. I think I have been able to tame most of my Gremlins. It is a daily challenge that through her help I am able to handle. I’m working on my goals and I am doing more and more for Bob, and believe the goals are still very achievable. I thank Emma for her help and wish her continued success with her practice.


Emma takes the time to get to know you. She lays the groundwork for a long lasting relationship, that often times feels so comfortable it could be a friendship (but with some real actionable advice and feedback). She is a great sounding board to bounce ideas off of and is always offering creative solutions and approaches to issues. We have been working together for almost 4 years and I am always impressed by her ability to keep things fresh. She is always working on a new project / method / technique as well – never rests on her laurels! Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to invest in self care.

Jen C.

We came to Emma for couples counseling. She is fantastic. She asked what we would like to focus on and then guided us through ways to communicate with each other in the most productive way. She is very knowledgeable and suggested resources and tools for us to check out outside of our session. I would highly recommend Emma.

Afra H.

Emma is a fantastic therapist.She’s insightful,caring, warm and professional. She’s had a hugely postive impact on my relationship (now family). We highly recommend her!

Samantha B.

Emma is a wonderful therapist. She really helped me with my communication skills and truly understanding my partner on a level I thought I would never achieve. Emma offers in office and virtual sessions that work with our schedules (even now that we have moved across country). I never feel rushed or judgement during sessions.

Stella E.

Sessions with Emma are very valuable and insightful towards working towards life goals.She helped my partner and I communicate much better and often offers additional resources to help with our progress. I could not recommend her enough if looking for an honest, authentic therapist looking to help her clients do better in aspects of their lives that they want to improve.

Connie S.

Emma is compassionate and objective, and equips you with the tools to build a healither, loving relationship.

Pamela S.

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Emma believes that strong couples create joyful, loving and nurturing homes providing a wonderful environment for children to thrive. Emma’s Mission is to help partners become strong couples and create enriching homes for the future children of our world…

Emma has been practicing for over 20 years and is dedicated to creating innovative and progressive practices and programs to help couples success at their relationships and their lives.

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