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Kickstart Concepts

Mindset Shift for Entrepreneurial Success
by Emma K. Viglucci, CFT, LMFT, CIT

We set out to become the best at what we do. After a while we get so good and so busy doing it that there is only so much of us to go around and we’ve capped ourselves. When this happens we put a limit on how many we are able to serve. We stretch to serve more, but end up burning both end of the candle. We are overbooked, things fall through the cracks, and start losing the gusto for what we loved about what we do in the first place. We know we are meant to do this work, but don’t know how to do the business of it any better. We are at a loss. Something needs to give. The code to crack is how to leverage yourself so you can serve more without losing any more sleep! This concept might make sense to you right off the bat, or it might take you a bit to wrap your mind around. It’s not easy going from doing it all to getting support, and then expanding that support in a multitude of ways… It requires shifting how you see yourself, your “business”, and your Purpose… It requires stretching into a bigger version of yourself and putting things in place to support what you are meant to do.

Here are some basic concepts I learned the hard way:

1.You have to have support or you’ll stay small and miss out on fully embracing your Purpose.

2.You have to work from your strengths and “delegate” everything else.

3.You have to duplicate yourself building a kick-butt team.

4.You need simple systems to run your operation.

5.You need to automate as much as possible.

6.Your job is to serve your premium clients, oversee your team, create and oversee your systems.

7.Your focus is to turn to creating products and programs.

8.Your next step is to bring your brilliance to much larger audiences.

9.Your attention needs to go to creating amazing partnerships.

10.You’ll do well to remember to get additional support.

Phew! And this is just a brief overview. It’s not easy being in business, but hugely rewarding when you crack the code!

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