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TW9: Fathering for Relationship Success

An Empowering, Motivating & Enriching Approach to Uplevel Your Relationship


Empower Yourself – Increase your personal power by setting effective boundaries, improving ownership and              accountability, and shifting to a relationship enrichment mindset

Have Safe Interactions – Have safer interactions, increase your security and stability, and have more purposeful                           and reassuring conversations by upgrading your communication skills and tools

Enrich the Relationship – Increase your self-discipline, motivation and relationship enrichment by embracing a                relationship enrichment lifestyle with targeted and upleveled daily routines and collaboration systems

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TW8: Mothering for Relationship Success

A Grounding, Caring & Nurturing Approach to Uplevel Your Relationship


Increase Self-Love –  EnIt is challenging to give and receive love when our own self-love is lacking… Learn how to                connect with yourself and grace yourself with gentleness, acceptance, and compassion.

Improve Self-Care – Too often we claim we don’t have time for self-care, or self-care is the first thing to go when                      things get hectic.  Learn how to implement a rich and sustainable self-care practice.

Embrace Partner-Care – Our relationship and our partner usually don’t even make it to our priority list…Learn how to               easily prioritize your partner and implement a partner-care practice and a nurturing approach.

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TW7: Spring Your Relationship to Life

Embrace a New Beginning, Create the Relationship You Desire


Develop Your Vision – Enough with playing small and settling for a state and mediocre relationship.  You CAN                               have a radiant and successful relationship. Learn to dream it up.  If you can imagine it, you can create it…

Change Your Approach – Enough with the drama, the judgment and the pointing fingers. Take charge of how you show                  up, what you contribute and how you invest in your relationship.  Bring your extraordinary and dazzling…

Uplevel Your Habits – Enough with the neglect, lack of focus, and minimal effort.  Prioritize your partner and your              relationship. If you want an amazing relationship, you have to create it.  What you nourish flourishes.

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TW6: You CAN Create a Radiant and Successful Relationship

Break the Impasse, Get on the Same Page, and Create a Strong Partnership


Break the Impasse – Shift from a stale, fear-based, and reactive approach to a fresh, mindful and intentional                          approach to your relationship

Get on the Same Page – Learn empowering communication guidelines, how to get on the same page, and understand                each other more deeply

Become a Strong Team – Embrace a nurturing, supportive and collaborative framework for creating a harmonious, joyful,              and loving home and family

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TW5: 3 Key Ingredients for Rekindling Love & Desire

Learn how to increase your connection, intimacy and fun


Learn how to create, protect and sustain your connection, establish reciprocal loving, and generate closeness

Learn how to eliminate the blocks to desire, increase attraction and implement a Successful Date Night™ protocol

Learn how to become more compatible, enjoy each other’s company, and have amazing experiences

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TW4: 3 Get Ready Now to Start the New Year Right

3 Steps for Hitting the Ground Running in 2021


Tackle 5 ways to declutter and minimalize for more space, time and energy.

Apply three  tactics to wrap this year and clear the path for the New Year.

Create your inspring life vision and plan to uplevel your life. 

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      TW3: Coping with Life & Holiday Stress

Neutralize your Anxiety, Really Live your Life


Preventing and managing the drama and pain in uncertainty.

Understanding and addressing your triggers and their fallouts

Becoming a conscientious self-manager to take charge of your feelings and your mood 

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TW2: Increase Your Personal Mastery & Enrich Your Relationship in 90 Days

Take your Wellness and Connection to the Next Level!


Take control of your mind and your day

Adopt a Relationship Enrichment Mindset and Lifestyle

Embrace the Art of a Self-Care Practice

Get along, get on the same page, and get things done as a team

Deepen your connection and enhance your intimacy

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TW1: 4 Steps to Achieve True Work-Life Integration and Increase Resilience

How to Master Back-to-School/Work and the Busy Season for an Amazing Rest of 2020!


Define, own and embody your desires and dreams (your What)

Identify your values and purpose to inspire you and fuel your motivation (your Why)

Design Your Life by designing your daily routine to honor your authentic self (your How)?

Create Work-Life Integration (AKA: Work-Life Balance), Life-Flow… (your Being)

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