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Hope this issue finds you feeling amazing! I’m having an overwhelming feeling of gratitude toward our clients and how our relationship enriches my own Life. If you work with us, know that I truly appreciate you, your uniqueness and loveliness. This Season helps us Focus on what we are grateful for and appreciate.

As I’ve been walking my walk and enhancing my Gratefulness Practice this month, my heart is overflowing with appreciation for everything and everyone…I’ve been finding more acceptance, forgiveness and appreciation even for those people that can sometimes be annoying to me. LOL It’s actually pretty cool! This is a State we can all stand to embrace more of the time!

What has your current attention? Is this in Alignment with your Personal Prime Directive™ (PPD)? It is of at most importance to know what makes you tick, what you value, what drives you, and the like. When you have this handy and weave it into the fabric of your Life, Gosh, what a life you’d create.

For you’d be supporting, honoring and leveraging yourself… I find that typically most people don’t operate at their highest potential nor ever achieve peak performance and related levels of success.

This is because they are banging around through life, not fully owning themselves nor capitalizing on their gifts. They squander their energy, don’t stay focused and don’t optimally utilize themselves. I implore you to identify your PPD so you are truly personally informed as you plan your Holiday Season, start wrapping up the year, and get ready for the New Year.

Any Holiday bumps can be minimized this way, you can really milk and get super results with the time left in the year, and you can strategically set yourself up for an amazingly successful upcoming year. I shared my Holiday and Year-End Process™ (HYP) in the last issue and assigned it to you for H.W. for the next two months…

As you play with your HYP, you’ll notice that you might automatically do some of this already and you might have already made a dent in it. If that’s the case, kudos! Now review the Aspects below for anything remaining in each that you still would like to tackle…

The 4 Aspects of the Holiday and Year-End Process™:

  1. Assessing how the year fared and what else is to be experienced to deem it a successful year
  2. Designing meaningful and joyous holidays while remaining sanely productive
  3. Implementing anything still desired be accomplished for the year
  4. Strategizing and planning for the upcoming year

Did you do Aspect1 yet? This is where you get to reminisce over the past year. Thoroughly assess how you did. List all the:

  • challenges you faced and what you learned
  • changes you’ve made and ways you’ve grown
  • items and projects you completed
  • accomplishments that make you proud
  • great experiences you had
  • lovely memories you created
  • contributions and ways in which you made a difference
  • special things you did to brighten others’ lives
  • items, projects, experiences still on your list for the year (don’t worry about this, we’ll come back to it in Aspect3!)

Wow, aren’t you amazing!? I bet you didn’t realize how much awesomeness you’ve been spreading around. We usually tend to focus on the things we didn’t do well, didn’t get to or didn’t enjoy. This exercise balances out that proclivity for a more authentic, positive and richer view of this timeframe.

Look at your list, find the beauty, shift and progress. How do the items make you feel? Feel the pride, excitement, joy, love, gratefulness. Relish your awesomeness.

Now, think about a way to celebrate your Accomplishment. Acknowledge the good, celebrate the good, rejoice in the good. All is Good. Enjoy!!

Remember to complete the MetroRelationsip™ Assignment below to help you effortlessly implement this, make changes and immediately start creating your Successful Relationship and Meaningful Life…

Share your experience by leaving a comment below! 

Happy Reminiscing!



~ Your MetroRelationship™ Assignment

Invite your partner to do Aspect1 of the Holiday and Year-End Process™ (HYP).

Complete your individual lists by adding at the bottom 3 ways in which you’d like your partner to celebrate or acknowledge you.

Share your lists with each other. Discuss items from your partner’s list that:

– surprised you

– made you especially proud for your partner

– touched your heart

– you personally appreciated or enjoyed

– you want to enjoy again

Select 1 of the ways your partner noted they’d like to be celebrated or acknowledged and Gift that to them within the next two weeks.


Add this to your Tool Kit…



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