Couples struggle the most when they have poor boundaries.  When they tell each other, whether to the other’s face or in their own mind, how to be, how to feel, how to behave, what to think, etc. They are imposing themselves on their partner not allowing their partner to be themselves. This causes the other to be cautious, unavailable, reactive, rageful, passive aggressive, flaky, and all kinds of ways that are not conducive to intimacy, togetherness, respect, peace and love. How can they feel close, intimate, accepted, appreciated and loved if they are told not to be themselves? How can two people know each other and be intimate if they can’t show up in their relationship? The trick is to allow the other to Be themselves, to accept them as they are, as scary as that might be … Contrary to popular belief, this is not what will hurt you in the relationship … What hurts is what partners do to protect themselves from being told not be themselves! Talk about ironic. Take a risk, let your partner be themselves, and allow for intimacy to happen. The video below guides you in safely taking this plunge.   5 Tips for More Intimacy: 1) Create opportunities for connecting 2) Ensure emotional safety 3) Appropriately set up interactions 4) Share from the heart, share your “mind” 5) Purpose is to “get” and accept each other These guarantee a deeper connection and more intimacy! Start applying these steps now. 

Complete the MetroRelationship Assignment below to assist you effortlessly make changes and immediately start experiencing the relationship you want!  Make this Valentine Season a meaningful one. Create more connection and intimacy! Happy Connecting!  

~ Your MetroRelationship Assignment

Take a moment to think about a side of you that you don’t usually share with your partner. Think about why you usually don’t share it. What are you afraid of? What feedback, message, have you gotten from your partner (and your past…) that has created this for you? What do you imagine their fear is that does not allowed for this part of you to show up? Share your thought process around this with your partner – check if what you imagine is their fear fits for them, approach this from a curiosity place and not a judgmental, accusatory, shaming or blaming place, pad the discussion with reassurance and safety for your partner, advise your partner that you will be taking a risk and showing more of you. Make the request that they support you and share with you what’s happening for them as you show up more… Accept what comes up for them, don’t try to fix it… The circularity, respect and honoring of this creates healing and growth, and allows for deepening the intimacy and enriching your connection.


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