Beyond regular Spring Cleaning for a real refresh


We have a new season, and Spring at that. With it comes the promise of fresh starts and new beginnings. As nature comes alive we let go of the gloomy, the sedentary, and the stale. Any new season or transitions actually bring with them the opportunity for new beginnings, but Spring is really special as we witness mother nature have its fresh start. This is a perfect moment to ride this wave of momentum for newness.

This is an opportunity to let of things that suffocate us, that unground us, and misalign us… 

We can focus our “Spring Cleaning” in 3 main areas:

1~ Environments, routines, calendar, workload, projects, systems and such
2~ Relationship, family, friendships, community, networks  
3~ Body, mind and spirit… 

When we are cluttered and toxic in these areas we experience:

1~ Overload and exhaustion
2~ Conflict and disconnect
3~ Unwellness and disease 

Then it behooves us to declutter, detox, and deprogram these areas to release any stuck energy and create bandwidth and space for the new…  

For each area we can do an overhaul or a minor tweak, whatever makes sense for our life at this time. 

Here are minor tweaks for immediate results:

1~ Clean out a few little spots in your environments that are cluttered 
2~ Change your self-talk or interactions with your loved ones to have a more accepting, compassionate and kind tone
3~ Identity a trigger that still gets you and address it at the core- identify the driving need behind it and meet it yourself and through your relationship… (This is Couples Therapy at its best to change emotional programming…)

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Of course, we can do so much in each of the above areas. And, you are welcome to do as much as your heart desires. Everything can stand to be revisited, streamlined, or spruced up… But know that even the littlest “spring cleaning” will create a refresh. Be wise about what you choose, go for what gives the largest impact… That gives the largest release and creates the most spaciousness… 

We talked about clearing for your refreshing to allow the newness… But I’d like to go further with this and offer ways to ride the momentum of the freshness that’s in the air and to capitalize on your refresh to actually realize new beginnings…

And that is aligning with the sacredness of life for balance, flow, and aliveness… 

The first way to do that is to honor and sync with the cycles of life:
~ nature’s seasons
~ lunar cycle
~ hormonal cycle

The second way is to embrace divine nourishing practices:
~ eat nutritious food, hydrate and sleep well…
~ relate authentically with openness and vulnerability…
~ pray, meditate, reflect…

When you create the spaciousness and infuse it with nourishment, you’ll get the aliveness, connection and upleveling you are seeking. This is how you uplevel your self, your relationship, and your life… 

This refresh will quite down all the noise in your life… This quite, stillness, expands and elevates your consciousness, where you become more who you really are, one with Oneness. And this is the access point to accelerate the transformations, creations, manifestations, and realizations in your life… You have access to all you need Just open up to this new realization and let the newness flow in… 

The only thing left in this process is to be really intentional about what kind of newness you want… And then take a first step towards creating something new… Towards creating a new beginning…  

Here is to your refresh and all the newness you desire…


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Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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