Connection as a relationship and parenting solution… [Video]


In case I haven’t directly made this point before, I believe that connection is pretty much the magic pill. I know I have also said that about meditation and other mindfulness practices. LOL But these practices are a means to connecting with ourselves, our higher self, and Love Consciousness, Oneness… So, it still boils down to Connection, and our awareness that we are all interconnected… In that Connection we feel the Love, the aliveness, the belonging, the acceptance, the radiance that we are, and so much more… 

But without getting too philosophical and esoteric, suffice it to say that when partners feel connected they can work through anything… And the same is true for being in connection with our children…

When our parenting focuses on creating and safeguarding connection, our children thrive and the interactions and home life become smooth sailing… 

~ Through connection we create safety, security, and stability.

~ Through connection we promote emotional regulation.

~ Though connection we create resilience, development, and growth.

~ Through connection we better learn the other.

~ Through connection the other feels understood and accepted, like they belong, and know that they are special and valued.

~ Through connection we can better meet the other’s needs.

~ Through connection we can rekindle desire

~ Through connection everything is OK… 

What is beautiful about this concept is that it goes both ways! Not only do we provide all that awesomeness for the other, be it our partner, our child, or someone else, but in doing so we are also receiving the same benefits…

This is co/creation at its best. This is one of the wonders and gifts of being in relationship. 

In today’s episode I’m excited to share the remainder of the conversation with Polina Shkadron, a Play Therapist, about parenting neurodivergent children. I loved this conversation as the points she made about raising neurodivergent children just apply to being in relationship in general…

Today’s episode is part 2 of our conversation, check out part 1 here, and here we cover how using specific language gets better outcomes with your child, how to set good boundaries without overusing the “no”, what to do with attention seeking behavior, how to coparent, and how to smoothly do transitions…

It’s packed with information on how to succeed at your parenting and create a harmonious and joyful home. 



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Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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