Do you believe in unconditional love or conditional love?


Some might believe they love unconditionally, because they believe that’s what’s expected and what’s appropriate in love… But upon further inspection it is obvious that their love is conditional… Is there a right way to love? Should we love unconditionally? Or should we, what some might consider, be smart about it and love conditionally?    

In my book, love has nothing to do with conditions… 

Now, this doesn’t mean we put up with abusive situations, or situations that don’t honor who we are, or that don’t support our purpose and our life Journey… This also doesn’t mean we are to be doormats and have no expectations in our relationship… All these things could be true, and we could still love the other… 

So, when people believe love is conditional on certain things, that doesn’t really add up because we can obviously love no matter what, codependence and other dynamics and conditions aside…

But because we can love no matter what, it doesn’t mean we put up with a less than radiant and successful relationship… One that helps us become our best self… One that enriches us and makes our journey better…

Loving unconditionally means we invest in loving beyond the issues, in spite of the issues: 

~ We invest in cultivating our love, so it doesn’t get tied up with conditions and eroded by unmet expectations… 

~ We invest in creating the best relationship to support and help expand our love… 

This means we create the perfect space for our love. And this doesn’t mean a perfect relationship- there is no such thing. But it means a relationship in progress to its fullest potential… 

Now this is journey worth investing in- playing in this realm and experiencing the rewards it yields is one of the best feelings… It’s so satisfying and fulfilling to take the interactions to the next level where both partners feel fully heard, understood, and accepted. Where they feel appreciated for who they are and what they contribute to the relationship and the other’s life. Where they feel deeply connected, and nourished and enlivened by their interactions. 

Let’s commit to playing in the realm of having a relationship in progress to its fullest potential, where our love can thrive and shine…

Let’s commit to nourishing our relationship to blossom our love[Join us at our upcoming free event to get the insights and tactics to support you with this! Replay available]


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Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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