In my mediation earlier today, there was a beautiful sentiment that stood out. That of having choice… I think we all agree we have choices in life, specially living in the land of the free… But, it is so interesting that we understand this as a concept but yet hardly live by it… It is an ongoing saga with clients who believe they feel as they do because of what their partners (others) do… Oops, too quick… Let me back up.

We know we are free. We know we have choices. Yet, we live in bondage not only socially but also relationally and personally… This is a personal empowerment message. It is a message to wake up to our life.

We have a choice as to what we have in our life, how we live our life, what we do, how we make money, where we work, who we spend time with, how we interact, how we dress, what we eat, and the rest of it.

We have a choice as to how we want to show up:

  • Criticize or praise
  • Frown or smile
  • Yell or talk
  • Veg out or exercise
  • Distance or connect
  • Dramatize or let go
  • Abandon/neglect or nurture

We have a choice as to we choose to look at something, the meaning we assign it, how we experience it, and how we feel about it… Yes, we have a choice!

Does this mean we live in a vacuum and we are not impacted by others, No. Does this mean we choose how to be impacted, and correct our experience to the best of our ability, Yes. Does this mean we keep Focusing on improving this ability, YES!

We can have all the excuses we want at any given time to explain our choice to interact with others and ourselves with negativity. At the end of the day we chose to have an excuse to explain our unhappiness. We chose to give away our power. We chose to not live our life with authenticity. This is not who we really are!

All the negative responses are defenses and reactions from ego (fear; head/logic). When we choose the positive ways of showing up, we are showing up with our Higher Self (truth, compassion; heart/love). This is what begets lightheartedness, joy, peace, harmony, love, connection, and fun…

We have a choice to live in happiness and have an amazing life. Pay attention to what you focus on. Pay attention to what you give lip service. Pay attention to what you entertain. Pay attention to what you allow. Pay attention to how you allow others to treat you. Pay attention to how you treat others. Pay attention to how you talk to and about yourself… Pay attention to how you treat yourself… You have choices…

Notice “what you need more of in your life”, and go get it… During our monthly networking luncheon (Empowering Women in Business™) this week, we posed this question. The responses from our attendees included: laughter, smiles, relaxation, free time, good conversation, care of animals, ukulele, crocheting, chocolate, gratitude, connection, friendship, happy families, gardening, and by a landslide – sunshine! None of these had to do with material things… These are priceless and easy to have!

These are the little things that make us happy. We have a choice as to what we put in our experience. Choose what makes you happy in as many moments of your day as you are aware… Choose happy!

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Happy Choosing!

P.S. It is not easy to not get boggled down by how others are showing up… It is not easy to not get triggered… It is not easy to regroup well and repair… It is not easy to synchronize and stay on the same page… It is now easy to see our choice in our life. It is not easy to embrace our magnificence… We can help you with these! We can help you create your successful relationship and meaningful life… I’d be honored to speak with you about how we can help You. Schedule a get acquainted call to connect and discuss how we can help and how to get started. Look forward to Connecting with you!

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