How do you renew yourself?


We had a very early Spring Break. Our daughter’s school was off the two middle weeks of March. It‘s strange to have Spring Break so early specially when it brings snow storms with it. It loses the feel of “Spring Break”. Regardless, the break was very nice with its own rejuvenating flavor if not necessarily involving sunny activities. Any time that involves rejuvenating, recharging, renewing is a plus in my book!

And, we certainly are in the season of renewal. Spring and this time of year is just so glorious as we witness the end of hibernation and the coming back to life in a lot of areas in our lives. The most obvious one is nature as it prepares to start blooming anew. I already see some hints of life in our garden and can’t wait for my bulbs to sprout, and hydrangeas and peonies to come to life.

Being in expectation of this beauty is rewarding in and of itself. Love the feeling of waiting for the burst of life to manifest. Love the feeling of knowing something beautiful will shortly grace us with its appearance. Love the feeling of knowing I will soon enough have my own freshly cut flowers adorn our indoor spaces. Ahh, so much bliss… And, with this sentiment comes a sense of recharging… It’s that simple…

Rejuvenating, recharging and renewing don’t necessarily need to take the flavor of being off for two months in seclusion off the grid… Though that would be nice too! Rejuvenation, recharging, and renewing can take on any type, shape or form. Rejuvenation, recharging and renewing can be as simple as pausing action, becoming present, taking a deep breath and feeling our aliveness… Yes, it is that simple…

Our Breath has life giving properties… In being aware of our breath we become aware of our Aliveness. This intention is rejuvenating for as we focus on our breath we pause the chatter, clutter, and chaos of our mind. As we pause the noise, we reduce the stress the noise usually produces…

When we reduce the stress, our body/brain rewires itself and changes its chemistry and composition… We reduce cortisol and adrenaline that when rampant create havoc in our organs, tissues, and molecular structures. This is what depletes us, dis-eases us, and ages us…

So, when we take a moment to pause, become aware, clean and Align our energy we infuse ourselves with life giving force… Now this is Renewal…

How can you build in more awareness into your lifestyle? How can you pause more and enjoy the peonies? What reminders do you need to set for yourself to bring yourself into awareness more frequently? What routine changes do you need to make to support and sustain more intentionality? What processes can you add to your repertoire to enrich your life/relationship?

Embrace increasing awareness, welcome the rejuvenation, enjoy the Aliveness!

Remember to complete the MetroRelationsip™ Assignment below to help you effortlessly implement this, make changes and immediately start creating your Successful Relationship and Meaningful Life…

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Happy Renewing!



~ Your MetroRelationship™ Assignment

Integrate three (3) simple Renewal activities to your daily routine… Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Appreciation Journaling™, Appreciation Shares™
  • Guided meditating, visualizing
  • Attention to breathing at given frequencies
  • Observing nature, Being in nature
  • Playing with nature, gardening
  • Playing with pets, playing with children
  • Being playful with your partner
  • Being flirtatious with your partner
  • Dancing, walking, cycling, swimming, and such
  • Doing Yoga
  • Painting, drawing, sculpting, playing instruments, and such
  • Coloring

Add this to your Tool Kit…



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