Time is a commodity in short supply depending on how you approach it … If you are strict about measuring time by the clock and calendar, there will never be enough hours in a day to create a lifetime of pleasure and purpose …

On the other hand, if you choose to Experience time, Being in the moment, you’d transcend the time-space-reality barriers and instead join the Vastness that Is. Here is when time becomes limitless and where all Abundance resides … Here is where joy, happiness and contentment happens. Here is where we make the difference and fulfill our Destiny …

The challenge is that we get distracted from the moment, from Being, by all the noise we create by doing! We put ourselves in a hamster wheel and then wonder why life, and our relationship, feel meaningless and exhausting. To top it off, partners are in their own wheels! We make it impossible to fulfill our commitment to our Journey …

This is detrimental to our relationship. It is impossible to synchronize, connect, feel each other, and feel our love if we are in separate worlds and in constant motion. We are moving targets!

It’s time to recognize the reality of this, acknowledge its impact, and do repair and rebuilding before the “clock runs out”.

First off, get off the hamster wheel! Take a ruthless look at your situation and how you are creating chaos and noise in your life. Be honest. Identify the demands, distractions, obligations, inefficiencies and redundancies that are energy suckers and black holes in your life. Take a look at your commitments, routine and situation. Do these honor you? Do they add to the quality of your life? Are they in alignment with your Authentic Self, your core values, and your purpose in life?

We have a tendency to operate with blinders on convincing ourselves that how we do things works, that we need the things we have, that the world will fall apart if we don’t do everything on our to-do list, that more is better. Stop the race. Life is not a marathon. Slow down the pace, remove the noise,clear out the clutter, restructure the routine – free up your Energy. When you remove the shackles you have Time, the possibility, to Be.

And this is Magnificent, for in your Being you are grounded, available, connected and abundant. You are Splendid. You are infinitely attractive … This is the partner your partner is attracted to. This is the partner your partner can relate to. This is the partner our partner enjoys. This is the Partner your Partner Loves.

Let’s take this a step further and get a little crazy. How about making Time for our Partner!? (sarcasm …) Imagine you align your schedules, calendars, routines, rhythms … Imagine that you bring You, in all your Splendor, to the places of convergence. Imagine how Glorious those interactions can be … This does not have to reside in your imagination only, for once you imagine it you can create it … Trust me …

Start with this:

1) Set the intention to have this – make the picture really vivid with colors, feelings and meaning …

2) Start creating Time

3) Invite your Partner to synchronize  

4) Show up in your Splendor

When you choose to get off the hamster wheel with your doing and decide to Be, Live, you have All the Time in the Universe … Time, Abundance and Love are then not a scarcity … Remember to look for the MetroRelationship (sm) Assignment below to assist you effortlessly make changes and immediately start experiencing the relationship you want!

Happy Timing!!


~ Your MetroRelationship  Assignment

Take stock of where your divergent point(s) happen in your relationship. Where in time and space do you find you miss each other? Where are you ships crossing in the night? When do most of your fights or disagreements happen? When do you feel the worst about your relationship or your partner (lonely, rejected, critical, hopeless, stuck, etc.)? These are all opportunities for creating Magnificence – you are not in sync or attuned, there is no space, and you are not showing up … Line up your Timing and approach your partner in your Splendor …


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