How to have your Best Year yet


The New Year, is a New Beginning and an amazing opportunity for a reset, course correction, and realignment… We want to be intentional about how we start the New Year to set ourselves up to have our Best Year yet… Let’s not set up a bunch of habits, strategies, and routines for the sake of setting stuff up… The key is for your New Year plan to be thorough yet simple and powerful, and to infuse it with your Essence. We want our new year plan to feel exciting and tantalizing. We a want to have habits, practices and a daily routine that enrich our life and our soul. We want our days to support us Becoming our Best Self and manifesting our Best Relationship, and Best Life… Here is how to have your Best Year yet… 

For starters we must know who we are trying to become and what we want to create/manifest… 

We want our life to be made up of what gives us joy, helps us become more ourselves, and supports us in our Journey. 

We need a North Star, a Life Vision, to work or walk towards… This serves as our guidance system- we wouldn’t spend a ton of money on an extravagant trip or gift if we are saving to buy a home that is part of our vision, as an example. 

If we know what we are trying to create and manifest in our life we can line ourselves up against it, so we are not going upriver, shooting ourselves on the foot, or leaning the ladder against the wrong wall… You get my drift. 

We also need to know what we value, appreciate, and prefer in our lives so that we can set ourselves up to have our life reflect that… 

When we are planning our upcoming year, or doing any reset for that matter, it is also helpful to revisit our values to make sure we align all our choices and preferences against them. 

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If we have habits that get in the way of us becoming our Best Self, if we set up our days to run rugged and neglect ourselves, if we go about our interactions from a depleted state, we are not likely to be creating the life we want that honors us… 

Then taking a look at your Life Vision, choose your three Life Areas to focus on upleveling, or what you’d like to accomplish or experience, this upcoming year… And set up habits, tactics, and commitments that when done consistently they help you achieve what you desire.

This is where the rubber meets the road. We want to keep these simple yet powerful for the most impact. Yes, you can have a gazillion-billion tactics but if you can’t stick with them, you won’t get results. Even if you stick with them, you might be spending a lot of time, energy, and other resources in getting results with a complex plan that can easily be achieved with a much simpler plan and your resources can be better allocated elsewhere…

Be selective about the habits you choose to help you live your Journey as you like. 

Your habits need to be integrated into a routine for them to stick… So, intentionally map out your daily routine to include your habits, tactics, rituals, and commitments. 

Your choices can have a theme/s to them that culminate Practice/s to fully honor who you are becoming… For example: Mindfulness Practice, Self-Love Practice, Feminine Practice, Creative Practice, Writing Practice, and so on. 

Keep in mind to TimeMap to build in open/buffer, transition, quiet, and such times in your daily, and weekly routines, to easily embrace more Being and less doing in your approach to life… 

Remember that at the end of the day, you want your days to feel joyful, peaceful, harmonious, connected, loving, creative, and the like. 

Identify what kind of flavor you want your days to have and how you want to Be in your life, and then set everything up to allow for that to happen… 

Be intentional about your approach to your relationship and your life to create what you desire. To allow you to show up more with your true Essence becoming your Best Self, and creating/manifesting your Best Relationship and your Best Life… 

Here is to your Best Year yet! 


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APPLICATION:  Review or create your New Year’s plan to make sure you really have your back this upcoming year! 

Tweak or add these elements as structured or flexibly as you need… 
~ Design Life Vision and identify Values to guide you for best alignment
~ Choose Life Areas or Desired Experiences to give you focus
~ Select Habits, Tactics, Rituals, Commitments, and Practices to help you stay focused
~ Design Routines to help you feel grounded 
~ Utilize TimeMapping to help you integrate and balance what’s important to you


Remember this whole thing is for you and a collaborative tool to Align with your Partner as well… 

This is to help you more easily do your life, Become who you truly are, and support you in your Journey. This is to gently and beautifully create/manifest with your Partner… This is to have your backs and create your Best Life, and your Best Year yet. 


Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!



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