How to manage negative feelings


Woohoo, happy September! How are you doing? Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and frazzled with back2school and back2hectiness? Transitioning back into the hectic season is not easy sometimes. You might be experiencing vacation brain and are not ready to jump in.

You might be experiencing regret at not having had the summer you wanted and feeling like it went too fast. You might just be overwhelmed by the flipping of the switch and being back-on. And, add the pressures inherent to Q4 if this is on your radar. In any case, whether it’s these or other reasons that you are not feeling so hot, you are not alone.

I’ve already been providing suggestions on how to set up your Fall for success, and how to go into it with ease and grace. Here is a quick recap:

  • Have a last Fun Activity or Outing to say goodbye to Summer
  • Intentionally close the summer addressing summer locations, wardrobe, paraphernalia and such
  • Create a Fall routine that supports you, keep it simple and streamlined
  • Proactively select the habits that make up your routine to enrich your lifestyle and promote wellness
  • Review what you’ve committed yourself (and your family) to and reassess, take something out…

The idea is to minimize the hecticness, the overscheduling, the running and rushing around, the saturated bandwidth, and the like that create stress and breakdown in health, wellbeing and relationship(s) satisfaction. Which at the end of the day are what life is about. We tend to miss the boat on this!          

Here are a few other suggestions that when implemented help create the ease, flow and joy we tend to undermine with the usual way we go about our life:

  • Have a Family Night (or Couple Night or Me Night depending on your current life stage)
  • Have two week-afternoons or -nights per week where there are no extra-curricular activities
  • Implement Reading and other types of Down Time
  • It does not make sense to have two sports activities back-to-back on the same day… Schedule differently or pick one!
  • Don’t double or triple book anything! Leave time for processing, regrouping, breathing, transitioning, and such…
  • Implement intentional transitions – from school/work to personal time, from day to night/sleep time, from weekdays to weekend, from weekend to weekdays
  • Create time for silence, to interact with others, to linger, to be bored…
  • Allow yourself and your family time to savor life…

When you start embracing this more minimalist kind of lifestyle, you actually get to Live your life more…

As you embrace minimizing the noise in your life, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your stress level, wellbeing and life and relationship(s) satisfaction… Your mood and health will be much better. Your efficiency and productivity will increase. Doing less is actually doing more!

But because we do have an overdoing-it ingrained approach, to embrace a more minimalist one is not so easy. Your train has already left the station and you are riding that ride… And, feeling the impact of it! So, as you try to slow down that train to get on a different track, you might need additional support to manage the damage already done.

To manage and address the negative feelings and state of being that might be kicking your butt. This translates into swapping Doing for Self-care… Add lots of self-care to your routine to help manage and reset your mood and feelings…

Here is a wonderful guided meditation, and energy clearing, to add to your repertoire for processing negative emotions… Nourishing activities like this one make all difference!

Focusing on feeling well, versus continuing to do more of the same and pushing through it, is the key to managing negative feelings. Removing noise and demands, nourishing your body and spirit, and Being in your life goes a long way in feeling well and living a life well lived.

Set yourself up for an amazing Fall. Remember, less is more. Take care of and be nice to yourself, and your loved ones!

Remember to complete the MetroRelationsip™ Assignment below to help you effortlessly implement this, make changes and immediately start creating your Successful Relationship and Meaningful Life…

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Happy Well-Feeling!



~ Your MetroRelationship™ Assignment

Take a close look at your current daily routine and lifestyle.

Lovingly, gently and intentionally revise it to support you and your loved ones better.

Streamline, simplify, systematize, delegate, and outsource. 

Focus on keeping large chunks of time for just Being and enjoying… Safeguard these times as if your life depends on them. Because it does!

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