Learn to have intimate talks (Love Launch #3)


Well? Did you give the Love Launch™ a try last weekend? How did it go? Remember, if you are struggling you are not alone… This is a real rough time of year… Please hang in there. Don’t make any rash decisions, and keep cultivating love in your relationship… What you sow will soon enough bloom…

And if you are not struggling, this Love Launch™ is just great for adding more fun, romance, connection, intimacy and flow into your relationship…

Either way, this is a golden opportunity to nurture your relationship!

Love Launch™

During the 4 Weekends leading to Valentine’s Day (or another occasion, or just because!), you are to make a real concerted investment at nurturing your relationship. Do it with gusto and to please your partner. Put on the “dating lens” – remember you’d do anything for your partner then…? Go all out to make an impression. And, you enjoy the process as you go…

COUNTDOWN – Weekend #3

Invite your partner to “couple time” (of give or take 60 minutes), at a mutually agreeable time, with no distractions, and light refreshment, to:

  • Reminisce about how you met or the early days
  • Share characteristics about your partner that you love
  • Share things you really enjoy your partner does
  • Share things you’ve enjoyed doing together over the course of your relationship
  • Share an untold fantasy
  • Share a desire
  • Share something new about yourself
  • Share a dream
  • Share your definition of romance
  • Share your ideal date

Create safety for openness and to allow closeness. Remember to listen to your partner’s side without judgment or criticism. Be open to receiving your partner and getting a glimpse of their inner world. It is a privilege to be let it. Treat it as such…

Don’t take it personally, be offended or get upset if you have different ideas on the above. Most likely you will, so be prepared for that.

This exercise is to build acceptance, knowing and cohesiveness. This is an opportunity to respect the differences, enjoy the similarities and build a bridge between your worlds. Welcome the adventure of playing in two worlds!

Stay tuned for next week’s issue on Weekend #2 of our Love Launch™!

Complete the MetroRelationsip™ Assignment below to help you effortlessly implement this, make changes and immediately start creating your Successful Relationship and Meaningful Life…

Happy Talking!


~ Your MetroRelationship™ Assignment

Add a little kick to this weekend’s Love Launch™ by having props to go with your talk!

  • Photos from around the time you met or your wedding day
  • A poem about things your love about your partner
  • A poem or love letter about when your partner makes you feel awesome
  • A book to start a Couple Appreciation Diary™ to share things you each enjoyed or appreciated that day (with your first entry!)
  • A collage of pictures and mementos of fun times in your relationship
  • An outfit, costume, or toy to represent your fantasy
  • Anything that speaks to your desires, dreams, preferences and such

Add this to your Tool Kit…


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