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I noticed that when the weather and seasons don’t line up as we expect them, that we are a little thrown off. If you are feeling rushed, discombobulated, and a bit out of sorts this could be part of the reason. What do you need to do to catch up with Mother Nature? 

This brings me to fully embracing the lessons of Mother Nature, the Seasons, of the Fall Season. We are energetically connected to and directly affected by the rhythms of nature. You might have noticed its strong influence in my writing. We are a part of nature and ebb and flow with it.

Fall is the Season for Letting Go… The leaves turn color and prepare to let go, fruits are harvested. The weather is chillier. The land is left fallow. As nature turns inwards, so do we turn inside and inwards… We also let go, restock, and prepare for the new growth… 

Earlier in the Season I’ve encouraged you to keep your routines simple and streamline your operations, that was in preparation for further embracing all the Season has to offer. Now we take this a step further. Now is the time to let go of anything that doesn’t work for you, is in the way or blocking your path.

Now is the time to set the intention to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you, known and unknown… Now is the time to let go of unwanted energy and to develop one that is desired… Now is the time to let go of any space and time suckers in preparation for new growth, new possibilities. This allows Life’s balance between growth and rest, expansion and conservation.

This allows space for us to notice the beauty and bounty of the season. This allows us to embody a gratefulness practice and the joys of the Thanksgiving Season. As we continue on our Holiday and Year-End Process™ (HYP) this ties in with Aspect2, of experiencing meaningful and joyous holidays as we remain productive… So, let’s go with the Season’s Letting Go…

Let go of:

  • Anger, resentment, jealousy, greed, shame, loss, sadness, pain
  • Clutter, repetitiveness, redundancy, circumvention, multitasking, spinning wheels
  • Bad habits, unhealthy tendencies, gluttony, splurging, wasting
  • Self-deprecation, criticism, sabotage, abuse, neglect
  • Control, judgement, tit-for-tat, narcissism, victimization

What else do you need to let go of?

Create space for a loving heart, for compassion, for gratefulness, for appreciation, for seeing the abundance, the blessings, and the miracles all around us…

Create space for new possibilities, for new growth, for newness that make your heart, your Soul sing. Let go.

Connect with the space, with the stillness this engenders. Connect with your Self. Listen…

How are you inspired to celebrate Thanksgiving, to give Thanks, to show your Love and Appreciation? Let that guide your Holiday and enrich your upcoming days… 

Remember to complete the MetroRelationsip™ Assignment below to help you effortlessly implement this, make changes and immediately start creating your Successful Relationship and Meaningful Life…

Share your experience by leaving a comment below! 

Happy Letting Go!



~ Your MetroRelationship™ Assignment  

Invite your partner to do Aspect2 of the Holiday and Year-End Process™ (HYP).

Identify, create, a time of quiet and privacy where you can relax, and explore and play with this one.

Have an open and free discussion, share your internal world, about things you’d like to Let Go. Create a no-judgement zone before you start: Promise not to interrupt, judge, analyze, compare, give advice or any such. You are each to share from a vulnerable place and listen to the other with an open mind and loving heart.

When you are done, say an intention of Letting Go of these things, and let them go

Appreciate and acknowledge each other’s courage for being vulnerable and taking this step.

Add this to your Tool Kit…



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