Mastering Back2School and fall hecticness


Have you decided how you want the rest of the year to go yet? Yes, this is a decision… Regardless of what the world is doing out there you still have control over your mind, your feelings, your actions, your home, your work and the rest of it…

This is a hard concept for some to accept. Some might get hang up on how challenging things will be with Back-2-Sschool and Back-2-Hecticness regardless of what form that will take, what will happen with the election, what will happen with the economy, etc.

There are plenty of external factors always at play in our world… Unprecedented pandemic and all, there is always something going on…

Our job is to choose what we want for ourselves, our loved ones, and our lives regardless of external circumstances. 

Some things are just that bottom line – who you are as a person, how you want to love your loved ones, and the impact and contribution you want to make. These things hardly change, regardless of what is happening out there…

These are the areas you need to explore, clarify, and own… For when you are clear on these essentials, they serve as a filter and a guide. The rest flows from there… This is how you stay the course, find motivation, stay focused, feel amazing and inspired, and create awesomeness.

Borrowing Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle concept, we can inspire ourselves and others to action, innovation, and creation by understanding our Why. 

I love the concept and want to help you use it for yourself to transcend your current world and its next chapter, and create your New World, your New Reality… I want to help you take your life to the next level – in spite of the pandemic, actually as a result of the pandemic. Take that to the bank, Covid-19! 

First, decide on the What you want – What kind of person you want to be (become who you truly are), what kind of relationships you want to have (partake in), and what kind of life you want to live (create) – Self, Relationship, Life…

This in and of itself can stump people. Some have no idea, or haven’t owned, what they want… So, give it some good thinking, pondering and kicking around.

Once you know the What, then you can play with and figure out the How to make what you want happen… This is where people usually get stuck. Because they don’t know how to do something or how to create what they want, they give up or don’t even start going for it…

This is because they don’t know the Why they want what they want, their What. Without a Why, there is no compelling reason to start or stick with something, to figure it out, to be all-in to create the What. The Why is the Purpose, the belief, the drive, the energy, the spark. It is usually what makes our What special and different. This is why we get up in the morning.

So, after you have your What think about Why you want it. Give this some good thinking and percolating time. Once you have your answer, ask yourself Why that answer, and then again, and again, until you really get to your Core Why. Your Core Why needs to move you to tears. If it doesn’t, you haven’t gone deep enough yet. Keep going…

Once you have the Why, then you are ready to play with the How… We can tweak and entertain the ‘How’ to nauseam. There is an infinite number of ways to get our results, our What…  We can keep trying things until we crack the code, or until we feel like changing things up again. Trust me, I know. LOL

This is what makes life, our Human Experience, so fun and interesting. It is for us to own, play with and enjoy! 

So, you see if you are not clear on What you want and have no clue as to your Why you want it, how are you to figure out How to create it especially when the tough gets going. It’s very easy to lose focus and motivation, to feel beat, and to give up. We don’t have what it takes to figure out the How if we don’t have a strong Why…

It behoves us to crack the code on our Golden Circle so we can stay the course and enjoy the ride!

ASSIGNMENT: Explore these to inspire, empower and motivate yourself, and others, to create your Best Human Experience!

  • What kind of human (body/mind/spirit) do you want to be, and WHY?
  • What kind of partner, parent, family member, friend, team member / boss, leader, entrepreneur, citizen do you want to be, and WHY?
  • What impact and contribution do you want to make, and WHY?

Get in the know with these. Get clarity. Get inspiration and motivation. Get juiced up. Get aligned. Get on your own page…

From here you can pretty much do anything, from here you can go with the flow in this crazy world and still come out on top.

From here you can master back2school and back2hecticness with ease and transcend the nutty to end up with a fabulous 2020 in the end!

Happy Mastering!





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