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I LOVE this time of year to set myself up for an amazing new one. Everything I walked you through in the past few blogs, all captured here: How to Waltz into the New Year, I do myself. I’m so excited for the new habits I’m integrating this year like Morning Pages (concept from The Artist’s Way) and The 5 Second Journal.

And, I’m super excited Pete (Hubby) and I refreshed our collaborating approach and platform to capture this year’s Strategy. We are set for our best year yet! Yay!

This brings me to today’s topic. As you know, I’m forever Playing with all these concepts… Today’s message integrates insights on motivation, Inspiration, Discipline, Potential, success, habits, routines, flow, and the like…

I’m known to be highly energetic, motivated, and productive. This doesn’t just happen… I invest in myself to make this happen… In a nutshell, it all boils down to Mindset and Habits… I’m focusing on habits today to drill in on the work we’ve been doing to get you set up for your best year yet.

The new year brings new beginnings. This is when we can set the reset button and start anew. Not necessarily from scratch if you have a good thing going already. For example, I have an amazing self-care routine. I didn’t scrap this and started again with the new year. I just make it even better by tweaking some timing and adding my new habits into it.

Achieving sustained connection, wellbeing and success depends on your habits… What you do every day creates the life you live. If you haphazardly go through your days, it’s unlikely you’ll enjoy the Journey and reach the destinations along the way… Have you noticed that the most successful, happy and healthy people don’t rush around? Have you noticed that they have a plan?

Have you noticed they don’t have clutter? Have you noticed that they work hard? Have you noticed that they are intentional and invest in themselves? Have you noticed that they treat themselves? What else have you noticed about them? This is not luck. This is not by accident. There is intention, focus, and devotion involved…

I recently watched a YouTube video by Michael Beckwith. Super inspirational on how to Activate Your Potential. He talks about having Discipline, being focused, being intentional, about going for it. Totally reinforces the idea of building habits.

But creating new habits is not easy. That’s why new year’s resolutions don’t work. Building new habits is about repeated targeted behaviors. People lacking discipline, focus and the like struggle with this even more… The easiest way to build new habits is to build them into a Routine… This is the secret. New behaviors trying to become Habits that are not grounded anywhere just float away.

This is why I added The Morning Pages and The 5 Second Journal to my morning self-care routine. If I had just said I want to do the Pages and the Journal and left it at that, how would they happen? When would I do them? You see, building them into the routine is the key…

The Routine drives the behaviors, it’s how they become Habits. You don’t have to be super disciplined then. Once you set your routine, it carries you… This is motivating and energizing… This makes you more productive… This allows for inspiration to flow… All you have to do is Design your routine(s).

So, start where you are at. Create a simple starter routine, on the life area you are targeting, or expand or improve what you already have. Having a focus, a Grounding Theme™, is key as well. We can’t work on everything at once… Choose what life area you are focusing on such as relationship (connection), health (wellness) or finances (success)…

This is how you stay focused. This is how you become the Artist of your life. This is how you live your life by Design…

Here is another awesome YouTube video to support you as you embrace new beginnings… Guided Meditation for New Beginnings and Habit Change.

Make it your intention to live your life by Design and to rock at it! Here is to your best year yet!

Remember to complete the MetroRelationsip™ Assignment below to help you effortlessly implement this, make changes and immediately start creating your Successful Relationship and Meaningful Life…

Share your experience by leaving a comment below! 

Happy Designing!



~ Your MetroRelationship™ Assignment  

Review the new Habits you want to develop this year. Is there a theme to them? Do they all belong to the same life area? You shouldn’t have too many, 2 to 3 at most, it’s challenging enough to tackle new endeavors.

It’s best if the new habits you want to develop are all in the same life area, so they support each other. Do any necessary adjusting to your selection. Then, design a Routine around them if you don’t already have one. For example, let’s say your life area is wellness:

  • Get up earlier (note specific time)
  • Go to the gym 5x / week before work (put on gym clothes that you put out the night before)
  • Drink more water (bring a large water bottle to the gym and another to work)

Have your Routine drive your discipline, motivation and habit building!


Add this to your Tool Kit…



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