Realizing your everlasting love, enhancing your Valentine’s Day Experience


Much can be said with a four-letter word! Love… There is so much encompassed in that lovely word and concept… Love can be considered a noun, a verb, an adjective and even an adverb… There are many kinds of love depending on its context, and even within the same context… And, love is an emotion, a feeling, an experience, a decision, an action, and a state of Being… It is said God is Love… Any of these views or usage convey its Essence… There isn’t any other word or concept that is as coherent, complete, and Unifying…  

Isn’t this such a gorgeous idea to contemplate and play with? Let me tell you, it’s just grand… I find it so fascinating, illuminating, and downright inspiring, nourishing and enlivening! 

~ When we allow ourselves the opportunity to ponder the bigger questions in life
~ When we allow ourselves the luxury of exploring concepts that are esoteric in nature 
~ When we allow ourselves the gift of other possible views and perspectives

… We allow and realize ourselves into a grander life experience… 

For you see we tend to keep a very narrow, outdated, and limiting perspective and approach to how we understand life and go about creating the relationship and life we desire. We let our programming run the show

This is why we have the painful, history/pattern-repeating, conflictual experience of the world and interactions with our partner… 

But what if we were to open up to new possibilities, to a new reality… To the idea that Love is just magnificent and can be found literally everywhere…

The thing is that we love to argue for our limitations and our smallness, for the reality that we know through our senses which is completely subjective anyway depending on how we perceive and process information… 

There is no one true reality as we think we know it… We can make a case for anything. We can connect whatever dots we want to make any case we want. We truly are the creators of our reality… 

What if we were to let this sink in and chose to expand our perspective for the possibility of a more peaceful, harmonious, joyful, and loving experience? How would you go about expanding your perspective?

It is actually quite simple, though not necessarily easy… We’d cleanse our old ways

~ We’d let go of preconceived notions
~ We’d let go of stubbornness, judgement and control
~ We’d let go of righteousness
~ We’d let go of polarizing and binary thinking
~ We’d let go of exertion, separatism, divisiveness, manipulation, competition, assertion, exploitation, subjugation, domination and the like…

We have created toxic and destructive ways of living, but we don’t have to continue to subscribe, support and engage in these. We have a choice. One that we have to continue to make when we get seduced back into our old ways, when the programs demonstrate their hold on us… 

We take notice, realign, and course correct as needed. 

And, we’d do this over and over and over until we deprogrammed as much as possible… Until we are no longer showing up as a habit of our old limited/ing perception and programs… Until we realize our new reality… Until we see Love everywhere and feel the love all the time… Until we Become Love itself…

At the end of the day, this is as simple as making a decision, transcending our noisy mind, and connecting with our heart. And it can happen instantaneously… This is the Art of Loving…

Wishing you much love this Valentine’s Day and Always! 

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Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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