How to soak up the last of Summer


As we begin to wrap up the Summer, let’s take stock of how we’ve done with our summer professional projects, personal projects, personal development, relationship enrichment, couple fun, and summer activities- in other words, our Summer Upleveling™… This is part of how to soak up the last of Summer.

We set out to take full advantage of what Summer has to offer with its more leisure pace. To enjoy and recharge. To use this time to reset, regroup, and realign with new inspiration. To make a dent in our transformation and in creating the relationship and life we desire… 

Then we can bring that awesomeness into what’s next in our Journey this year…

As we are enjoying our last trips, outings, and activities of the Summer, let’s take a moment to soak in the joy, pleasure and abundance that is our life. Is it perfect? Probably not, and that’s ok. Our life is meant to keep improving and evolving, that’s the Journey, that’s the fun… For now, just take stock, enjoy where you are, and chill for a bit…

As we daydream, envision, and ponder about what’s next in our Best Life, let’s stay open for inspiration, new ideas, guidance, downloads, and such. When we slow down and quiet down that’s when we can connect better with our Higher Self and when we can actually hear its message and guidance… This is how we know what makes us happy, what our next move is, what to cultivate, what to play with, what to let go of, and so on… 

Be with this subtleness and let it guide you. Let it inform how to wrap up the Summer and set yourself up for a rocking last quarter of the year. Let it show you how you might get in your own way. Let it support you and have your back. Let it show you the simpler and better way, and how to make your life easier. 

When you are in a more leisure mode, you can better observe yourself and your life. Use this observation to guide how to better take care of yourself, what routine tweaks you have to make, what conversations you have to have, what boundaries you have to set, what clearing and letting go you have to do, what stepping up and cultivating to embrace. 

Use the last of Summer to be with yourself and your loved ones, to set the tone for the upcoming season, to dream and plan together. This might be the time to explore what experiences, traditions, and rituals you want to play with this Autumn and Holiday Season. 

Let the last of summer gift you its sunshine to bring forth into the upcoming season and the rest of the year. 



APPLICATION: Set some time aside during the next week to:

Take Stock and Celebrate – What you’ve accomplished and upleveled so far this year and this Summer

Enjoy and Get Inspired – Be in the moment, soak up the last of the sun, disconnect from the usual and connect more with yourself

Dream and Plan – Think on what you’d like to feel, how you’d like to be and what you’d like to create the rest of the year, make plan to get it going 

Let your Summer Upleveling™ juice you up and propel you to new heights through the rest of the year!

Gold stars for a great Summer Upleveling™

Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always… 

With Much Love & Light!


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