Sprinkle Your Relationship with Sexiness and Fun this Valentine’s!


I have written in the past about the importance of having fun in our relationship. Fun equals Life! There are all kinds of fun that can be had with our partner. The trick is to figure out how as couples seem to lose this knowledge as the relationship progresses…

Couples have a tendency to move from positive energy to negative energy once they become more committed in their relationship. They used to once be “in-love” and now they are in a “power struggle”. Maintaining feelings of sexiness and keeping the relationship fun is not easy when all the partners focus on is who is right and who is wrong, who did what, who does more, who sacrificed more, who gives more and so on. These are relationship killers!

So, for a moment put all that aside and remember how it was when you first met. Your togetherness might have been sprinkled with cuteness, thoughtfulness and tenderness, excitement and exploration, gifting, going out and getting dolled up, staying in and playing house, lots of fun and experimental sex, thinking of each other constantly, or wanting to be together all the time. How did it feel? See if you can recapture the high…Sit with that feeling. Feel alive…

Now let’s bring some of that back! Regardless of how you have been feeling towards your partner recently, operate from the alive place towards them. Recapture the good feelings and then approach your partner… This might throw your partner off and they might not reciprocate. Don’t take this personally or as an excuse to give up. You are culture shocking your partner and have to give them a chance to recuperate. They might be suspicious, they might not get it, or they might plain reject you. That’s ok. They have no clue what is happening and might not trust your motives. Give them a chance to catch up… Reassure them of your motives and invite them to play!! Your partner is craving connection and fun as much as you are. Hopefully they are aware of it and will respond to you fairly easy. If they are not – they just need a little more prodding in the right direction…

There are a lot of ways couples can recapture their sexiness and fun. Look back in your past and use what used to work! Build on this and tweak it to fit you now. Spontaneous sex does not have to be a thing for new couples. Look for opportunities to surprise your partner with a sexy invitation. Better yet, seduce them when they are least expecting it! Remember to keep in mind what turns them on, what they like, what pleasures them and use good taste (you don’t want this to backfire!). Routine sex is not bad either… There is comfort in knowing when it is “intimacy” time. Partners look forward to it, prepare for it and are ready for it. This is an example of being on the same page!

Rekindling desire and feeling sexy can be a difficult task. This requires work when the relationship is in a slump. Workout your sexiness muscle, get the sparks going and have fun:

  1. Have sensual secrets…
  2. Use different positions, caresses or sexy toys
  3. Role play or “dress up” when “making love”
  4. Tantalize the senses with new textures and scents in your room – create a Sensual Haven
  5. Re-explore each other’s bodies
  6. Flirt… Tease…
  7. Bring out the “hotty” in you – dress up for your partner
  8. Own and flaunt your sexuality with your partner
  9. Be in the moment with your partner
  10. Gaze into your partner’s eyes…

Fun comes in other forms as well! Couples can not only recapture old ways of having fun, but they can expand their repertoire. As the relationship and the partners mature, so can their fun (or not!!). Fun together can be mellow or exhilarating:

  1. Read the same book and discuss, join a book club, read to each other
  2. Join a team, play sports together, workout together
  3. Be playful, play pranks, tell jokes
  4. People watch and analyze, make couples friends and double date
  5. Go dancing, biking, rollerblading, hiking or running
  6. Go hang-gliding, parachuting, bungee-jumping, or white-water rafting
  7. Have a joint hobby, project or goal
  8. Take an educational, skill or talent building class
  9. Play board games, computer games, or pretend games!
  10. Explore religion, meditation and prayer

As you invite and seduce your partner into different kinds of fun, the energy in your relationship shifts. You feel closer and more intimate. You can tackle whatever difficulties you may have and start making changes. You work together and are there for each other. You enjoy each other… You feel happy, satisfied, high, and alive! Welcome to your relationship!!

Happy Seducing!!!


~ Your MetroRelationship Assignment

What is your relationship sexy and fun quotient? How can you infuse your relationship with more of these important Successful Relationship ingredients? Pick three ideas you want to implement and work them into your lifestyle. To ensure you follow through, here are some tips to promote readiness, eagerness, and enthusiasm:

  1. Be comfortable in your body: eat nutritious foods, drink a lot of water, get your necessary sleep, take your daily multivitamins/minerals, get fit
  2. Look the part: get clothes that fit you well and enhance your favorite body parts, groom and tidy yourself, do a little extra to feel the part (i.e., wear a new perfume/cologne, get a new hair style, get your nails done)
  3. Relax yourself into availability: get a body treatment at a spa, take a long luxurious bath, workout, listen to jazz or classical music, meditate, listen to “Creative Visualization”, do positive affirmations, sip your favorite tea in front of a fireplace
  4. Psych yourself up: plan, set up, day dream, visualize, make-believe, act-as-if, tease, seduce, invite…


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