The easiest way to invest in your relationship (VIDEO)


We are all super busy. We have hectic and full lives. As we very well know, it’s so easy to lose sight of our partner and for our relationship to be at the bottom of our priority list. This is a real sad situation as our partner is our Partner, our life partner- and, by definition, the most important person in our life.

Then why do we not treat them as such? Why do we struggle investing in our relationship? There is no need to rack our brain about it. Let me just show you the easiest way to invest in your relationship…

I developed the Relationship Verb List to help us along… The idea is to embrace Relationship Verbs, actions, that nourish and nurture our relationship. See, we might overcomplicate our “relationship work”, working on the relationship, and how to go about creating change in our relationship…

Hey, don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of factors that are at play in our relationship. And when we struggle, it is very easy to be at a loss for how to go about creating change. Sometimes we might even know but, yet we get stuck. There is a lot that can be done when a relationship is not working, and it doesn’t have to be complicated…

So today, I wanted to keep it simple and yet powerful. I wanted to offer you something fun and easy to implement and play with to seamlessly “work on your relationship” without feeling like you are working on your relationship. Cool? Cool.

Let’s keep it nice and light but impactful nonetheless- let’s do it.


Why Relationship Verbs

We know it’s too easy to deprioritize our relationship once we are committed. We let all the wooing, romancing, and impressing fall to the wayside.

Then it’s no wonder that connection and intimacy decline, that we might no longer be attracted to each other, or that it might feel like we fell out of love. All this can be prevented and even undone!

Relationship Verbs is a nice phrase for capturing the essence that our relationship requires us to be proactive about it. Our relationship needs tending for it to thrive- Love is a verb…

When we nourish and nurture our relationship, we make it resilient, stable, secure, strong, and durable at the minimum. When we tend our relationship and invest in it consistently, it Flourishes…

A relationship that flourishes has a very different flavor than a relationship that struggles… The partners focus on very different things…

  • In a relationship that struggles the partners are intent on proving their partner wrong, on making the case for how they’ve been wronged and on making their partner change…
  • In a relationship that flourishes the partners don’t focus on their partner’s imperfections, instead they focus on how they themselves can be the best partner they can be. They invest in tending the relationship and cherishing their partner…

The difference in focus makes all the difference… Partners have no control over who the other is and what they do… They do however have control over who they themselves are and what they do… This is empowering in that they can choose how much or how little they put in, and therefore what they get back…

These partners are proactive about being in a great relationship with their partner… They do Relationship Verbs, they consistently invest on the relationship and on nurturing their partner.

What are Relationship Verbs? Relationship Verbs are actions in the context of our relationship that serve to build, strengthen, and bedazzle our relationship. They foster the good stuff in the relationship…

Relationship Verbs range in focus from collaborating and creating a strong partnership, to having a blast, to expanding your intimate repertoire. I did add some erotic verbs to our list, but feel free to expand it making your own more adventures version! (wink)

Whoever said investing in our relationship has to be tedious and boring?


Watch the video for embracing Relationship Verbs for nurturing your relationship… Enjoy!


MONTHLY THEME GUIDE: Relationship Verbs List

APPLICATION: Make a recommitment to making your relationship the best relationship ever! Decide that you will invest in your relationship to create your epic love affair with your partner…

~ Invite your partner to play with Relationship Verbs with you

~ Make a list of Relationship Verbs, or use the one I created– you can track the verbs you embrace as you go!

~ Keep going until you have embraced all the verbs…

Give this a fair shake. Keep it light. Make it fun. Get creative. Have fun!

Freshness is in the air, it’s time for new beginnings… Harness the potential, mold the surge of energy to create what you desire… Start your relationship anew…

Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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