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In my ongoing quest to do our life better and enhance our wellbeing, I started paying closer attention year-in and year-out to how to we do this Season… What has developed over the years is my End-of-Year & New-Year Planning (E.N.P.) Process (condensed from its original version which can be found here). I’m so excited for its sparkling newest Step and its rich parts. Today we are covering: The Inspirational Part (1of3).

End-Of-Year & New-Year Planning (E.N.P.):

🌟 Decluttering and minimalism (Step1-Clearing)
🌟 Closure, clearance, and celebration (Step2-Celebrating)
🌟 Vision, strategy, and intention (Step3-Contenplating)
🌟 NEW: Enrichment and meaning (Step4-Candescenting)

We’ve covered Steps for clearing, celebrating and contemplating and now we are on to candescenting, to adding Sparkle…

I am adding this new step to add more Sparkle into our life…  This is what this step is all about. We tend to focus on work, grinding, and what’s wrong in the world. We usually don’t acknowledge the good things or focus on how to better do leisure, fun, recharging, taking care of ourselves, and enjoying the finest things in life.

Our Human Experience needs to be more well-rounded…

⚡️Most people don’t dream of their future.
⚡️Most people don’t set goals to achieve their dreams.
⚡️Most people don’t develop a plan to achieve their goals.
⚡️Most people don’t design their flow (routines) to work their plans. 
⚡️Most people definitely don’t add Sparkle to their flow…

These people are at risk of their life being dull and a grind… You might recognize yourself in all the above, or some. Don’t worry I’ve got the antidote in adding Sparkle into our life…

 The first part in the Sparkle Step is Inspiration…


The Inspirational Part

When our life is monotonous, when we tend to grind, when we don’t recharge ourselves, we dull ourselves. We are like a house that hasn’t been dusted in a while and the surfaces no longer sparkle. We lose our sparkle…

It is our job to figure out how to do our life well, so we have our best human experience, a Brilliant Human Experience™

It is up to us to draw inspiration and flow from inspiration as much as possible. This is a wonderful estate of Being to aspire to on an ongoing basis…


Watch the video for 4 Tactics to help you find and fuel your Inspiration…

Download the End-Of-Year & New-Year Planning Process

APPLICATION: If you haven’t completed Steps 1-3 of the End-Of-Year & New-Year Planning (E.N.P.) process, do those first! The parts of Step 4 are the Sparkling icing on that magnificent cake!

Set time aside to play with this process, it’s so worth your investment. Work through the steps in order, though 1 and 2 can be swapped depending on your situation.

For Step 4 – Here are the tactics for The Inspirational Part:

Personal Brand – Decide how you’ll continue to evolve in the coming year. Who is your Authentic Self, what are they all about? How will you become more You? What parts do you need embrace or develop? How do you need to stretch? What can you put in place to practice Being more of who you are? Choose an Identity Phrase™ or word to capture your personal brand and what you are aiming to become…

For example: Conscientious, adventurous, learner, connector, risk-taker, nature lover, wellness obsessed, turn everything to gold, and such.

Intention or Focus Term™Set an Intention for the upcoming year of how you’ll want to feel, what you want to experience, or who you want to be more. Choose a Focus Term™ to capture the essence of the intention to serve as your mantra, lens, filter or focus throughout the year…

For example: Ease, intentional, proactive, receptive, spaciousness, excellence, abundant, generous, confident, playful, self-care, courage, and such.

Theme – Explore what you want your overall focus to be for the year. What kind of things do you want to experience, accomplish, achieve? What life area will you be focusing on primarily and what aspects of that life area do you want to target? Name your Theme to add another layer of focus and filtering for the year.

For example: Health, fitness, romance, parenting, adventure, legacy, reading, self-care, self-love, spirituality, and so on.

Vision Board – And now you get to make it pretty! Capture the work you’ve done for Step 3 and in this Part of Step 4 into picture form. For this, Pinterest is your friend. You can create your board anyway you like.

For example: Print the images and glue them into a posterboard, tack them to a corkboard; or go with an electronic version by creating a background for your desktop or your phone in Canva.

The key here is to capture who you are becoming and where you want to go. Make sure you give yourself the gift of time and attention to really honor your Self and take care of Future You.


This Step is so fun. Make sure you do the leg work of steps 1-3 to really set yourself up for success for the rest of the year and for the upcoming year. Then dive in and have fun with this Step!

Wishing you much joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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