The secret ingredients for a successful relationship [PODCAST EP.1 VIDEO]


Who says being in a committed relationship is hard? Though relationships can be challenging they don’t have to be if we are intentional about how we go about creating our successful relationship. 

There are some key ingredients that we need to bring to our relationship for it to be gratifying and successful. 

Research shows that successful couples demonstrate some key ingredients that we’d be remiss not to emulate. And, according to John Gottman, renowned relationship researcher, the opposite is also true. There are key characteristics that when found in a relationship are strong predictors of break-up or divorce. 

Committed relationships, marriage, are special, delicate, and very important to our overall wellbeing. They are the pillar of our society as they stabilize the family unit, and are the strongest influence on our children. 

This is why it’s my mission to cater to the wellbeing of couples. After 20 years of working with couples and helping them create their successful relationship, I embraced a longtime dream of hosting a relationship podcast: Successful Relationship with Emma. Which I’m proud to launch with this first episode: The Secret Ingredients for a Successful Relationship with Carole Cullen

Successful Relationship with Emma


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Relationships need to be tended for them to thrive. If we don’t nurture them, they wither and die

Embracing a Relationship Enrichment Lifestyle is an easy way to invest in our relationship without being put out or getting stressed out about it. Showing our partner love and care shouldn’t feel like a chore. When we go about it the right way, it is actually a pleasure… 

In this episode I interview a longtime friend and colleague, Carole Cullen who is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Together we geek out about a few secret ingredients that make for a successful relationship. 

We talk about 4 key ingredients:
1~ Emotional Intimacy
2~ Communication 
3~ Quality Time
4~ Shared Goals & Values

I love the conversation with Carole about the ingredients for a Successful Relationship. For more on them check out the Elements of our Successful Relationship Strategy™. I’m so pleased with having had her as our first guest. 



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Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

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About Emma

Emma K. Viglucci, LMFT has been in the mental health profession in varying capacities for the past 20+ years. She is the Founder and Director of MetroRelationship.com a psychotherapy and coaching practice specializing in working with busy professional and entrepreneurial couples who are struggling getting on the same page and feeling connected. The work helps couples create a radiant and successful relationship and meaningful life by becoming a strong partnership and increasing their connection, intimacy, and fun. Emma is the creator of the MetroRelationship™ philosophy and the Successful Relationship Strategy™.

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