Uplevel your relationship by delighting your partner (VIDEO)


How much do you love Valentine’s Day? That’s a tricky question, posed as an invitation for you to think about Relationship Nurturing… Regardless of how you feel about the holiday, and regardless of the status of your relationship…, I encourage you to use it to earmark a moment to step it up in the love department in your relationship…

For you see any excuse to be nicer, more generous, more nurturing, more wooing should be an automatic, Yes. This is how you uplevel your relationship by delighting your partner…

I obviously agree that this should not just be left for Valentine’s Day… Let me offer my yearly disclaimer and then we can get to delighting your partner. 😉

Part of what makes good relationships great, is the extra mile the partners go to for their partner… This is beyond the business of life… They are willing to put in the time, to give the attention, to create the fun and funny memories, to create traditions, to do special gestures outside of the routine, to create special moments that highlight what is important.

Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and the rest of the holidays by adding something special for your partner shows your partner they are your person… Your partner should not be treated like everybody else and obviously not worse, which unfortunately happens too often…

So- Valentine’s Day is just another opportunity to do something special for your partner. Ok? Ok.

And hey, I get that figuring out what to do for fun, what to do for Date Night, and how to woo your partner for Valentine’s Day and otherwise can leave most partners at a loss. Delighting your partner can be such a pleasure for them and for you…

Let me show you how to be Delighting…


Delighting Your Partner

Delighting your partner has to do with doing gestures that touch their heart. Plain and simple. We can go completely out of our way to do something for our partner but if they don’t want it, like it or appreciate it, we are just wasting our time.

It is very easy for us to think of what is best for our partner and to think we know what they need, according to us. But most of the time when we are coming from this place, we are just in their circle (owning them, crossing boundaries, codependently caretaking) and not really being delighting…

The key to Delighting our partner has to do with giving them what they would like because they’ve told us or from what we know about them (not from a caretaking place). If getting the nuance here is challenging, refer to other boundary setting and ownership work.

Even after that distinction it might still be challenging to think of how, and to keep things fresh and interesting.

Some ways to help you come up with ideas is to use your partner’s:

• Practical Needs
• Emotional Needs
• Love Language
• Interests
• Idiosyncrasies
• Desires
• Dreams

You can generate a list of gifts, gestures, activities, and more for each item listed to prime yourself and get the creative juices going. Don’t limit yourself to what you come up with, let this serve as an inspiration and a tickler to generate additional ideas…

Be always on the lookout for what might tickle your partner’s heart.

You don’t have to torture yourself to be super creative and think outside the box for the most special gift ever and the most romantical outing ever. LOL

The key to Delighting your partner is to know your partner and do the things that pleases them…


Other Categories

You can come up with as many other categories as you’d like, and then flesh them out for specific Delighting gestures… For example:

Routine & Sustenance Related – On a recurring basis as a ritual or spontaneously as a treat, do anything from this list or your version of them for your partner

• Breakfast in bed
• Morning coffee
• Workout shake
• Green smoothie or juice
• Cut up or baked vegetables for snacking
• Salad or other healthy lunch
• Healthy midafternoon snack or treat
• Flavored tea
• Favorite dinner
• Decadent dessert

Romancing & Wooing Related – On an ongoing basis, for special occasions, or just because, use these romantical and wooing gestures and activities or your version of them towards your partner (We have a few vendors we like, check them out Here!)

• Fresh flowers bouquets, wreaths, plants
• Perfumes, candles, essential oils
• Handcrafted chocolates or other delicacies, novelty, or decadent treats
• Tickets to events or activities
• Gags and pranks
• Couple classes (i.e., flower arrangements, cooking, chocolate making, dancing)
• Other experiences (i.e., massage and body ritual, food and wine tasting, driving experience)
• Being in nature (i.e., hiking, camping, stargazing, fruit picking)
• Relationship scrapbooking or music playlisting
• Sexy toys, clothing, activities

Delighting your partner doesn’t have to stump you. ­­Just take a moment to don your generous, nurturing and playful vibes and give it a think.  


Watch the video for inspiration on embracing Delighting Your Partner… Enjoy!


MONTHLY THEME GUIDE: Dating Your Partner


APPLICATION: Decide to embrace a Relationship Nurturing Practice that includes Delighting Your Partner

1. Select or identify a Delighting Category you’ll play with this month
2. Flesh out what kind of gestures, activities, and gifting it might include
3. Map out your delivery of this deliciousness throughout the month

Have fun Delighting your partner!

Now think what would happen to your relationship if you did this every month… How is that for a challenge, will you accept it?


Remember, that to have an amazing relationship means, we have to create an amazing relationship… Here is to yours!

Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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