What do you need to de-clutter?


Happy Spring (and, in these parts, snow day… LOL)!  The weather has been so nutty but wonderfully stimulating as we adjust to the unexpected and the different. I’m sure you know the concept that the same old gets boring, that doing repetitive work or activity stifles our Spirit, that living an unchallenged life is not living. Why settle when we can continue to evolve and expand? This is where the juice is. As you know I’m always learning and connecting the dots in different ways to help us on this quest…

Some pretty cool and easy strategies I came across to stimulate new neuro-pathways in the brain to rewire and expand itself include things like: write with your opposite-dominant hand, take cold showers, drive home a different route, change up your exercise routine, start and end meetings at off times, stimulate the senses, and such. We can make a career of playing with this concept, and how enlivening would that be? I say, let’s sprinkle a little of this into our everyday to keep things fresh and expanding…

So, though part of me balks at the change in schedule, routine, and plans when there is change-up, like a snow day, another part of me relishes the new ensued energy. It is up to us to see the beauty in the wrinkles. Most of us love a good snow day, so this is not so challenging to do here. But think of other wrinkles that show up in your life and how you might fight against and resist them. Look for the beauty (gift) you can enjoy in them instead.

I’m ready for Spring. And in that spirit, I already had a new addition arrive for my garden. I owned my desire to have the scent of honeysuckle permeate my yard and purchased a couple of these beauties. I cannot wait to get out there and dig in the dirt, after the snow melts… My research put these plants not only as a favored fragrant plant but also as a great pollinator (which I was looking for). I get to enjoy nurturing and strengthening these plants indoor (part of the beauty in this wrinkle) before they make it to their outdoor spot. I’m so excited!

Regardless of the weather, with springtime comes Spring Cleaning… This is one of my favorite times of year, when things come back to life, fresh energy flows anew, and there is new Life in the air. I make it my business to fuel this and ride this wave. I have a few springtime rituals help this along that have to do with De-Clutting:

I use this time to clean out junk, excess, accumulation, old things, expired things, no longer wanted things, and such.

I use this time to clean out, tweak, streamline, retarget, refresh routines, habits, rituals, practices, approaches, and such.

I use this time to clean out commitments, activities, goals, projects, tasks and such that are no longer in alignment with my values, current vision, and desires.

I use this time to clean out my mind of any running scripts that might be currently creating havoc, sabotaging, or undermining my wishes. And with this one, comes also the cleaning out of any funky approach to relating with others especially my most loved ones. This is one of the hardest one to do (an you thought cleaning out your closet was a challenge!), and a process that obviously goes on beyond springtime. I’m all about continuing to always evolve and expand in all areas, and of course this one is top of the list.

What is resonating for you as an area that needs cleaning and de-cluttering in your own experience? Where can you clean out junk that is holding you back? Where can you streamline your approach for an easier path? Where can you get rid of stuff to generate new energy?

Go for it and enjoy the emerging sense of renewal!

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Happy De-Cluttering!



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Identify 3 things in your area that you want to Refresh… Think on how to go about it, put support in place, and go for it!

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