What to do if feeling like you want more… [video]


We are experiencing a stronger need for connection and love in the collective, some of us might be more aware and attuned to that than others. This has always been a theme in the work we do with our couples in couples therapy and marriage counseling. But there seems to be a deeper longing and more significant desire for more affection, connection, intimacy, and communing.

We might be experiencing this as life lacking luster, as an identity crisis, as aimlessness or boredom, as loss, sadness, or grief, as anger or disillusionment, as friction, frustration, drama, or conflict, or in a myriad of different ways…

We might be feeling really uncomfortable in our own skins, in relationship with our partner, in our professions or careers, in our other roles, and in our place in life in general at this time… We might be feeling a little lost, upside down or alone… We might be wondering what’s the meaning of everything and what’s our place in it… 

Does this resonate? 

These existential questions are not to be feared, and definitely not ignored and swept under the rug. 

These are just signs that we are ready to grow, to upgrade, to uplevel… To evolve… To awaken… 

This just means that we are ready to take our human experience to new heights. That’s very cool in my book, and I say bring it! 

But what does this mean for our everyday? For our feelings? For being in relationship with our partner? And everything else? 

Well, I say we take it easy and address what is the most uncomfortable first… Where are you suffering the most? What is keeping you up at night? What is giving you the most grief, anxiety and agita? 

Then focus on addressing that at the root. Not by throwing out the baby with the bath water- as in leaving your partner, leaving your job, or otherwise jumping ship. You might have to eventually do that if it serves your purpose and honors your life. But don’t jump to conclusions. 

Be curious first about where you are and what you need and how to go about meeting that need….  

Focus on learning you, learning your partner, learning new skills, tools and talents… All this will support you in creating a more exciting, enjoyable, and fun Journey… 

One way to jumpstart feeling more alive and aligned, is by investing in Love… Expanding your love consciousness

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And, in today’s podcast episode I have an energizing conversation with Francois Lupien on just what it takes to change things around. We talk about the power of our internal dialogue and how to have impactful interactions with others, how to go from victim of circumstances to creator of our own reality, how to reframe situations for more happiness and joy in our relationship and our life, and he offered a golden tactic to take things to the next level. 



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Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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