What would you like to have more of in the New Year?


Hey, here is our chance to design our upcoming year. What will you add to yours? Being intentional about the relationship and life we create Allows us to create it… Intentioning is very powerful and underestimated… We want to be proactive and intentional about our life design, but we don’t want to be rigid with this… The key is focusing on what you would like to have more of in the New Year.

We already play with the End-of-Year & New-Year Planning Process (ENP-Process):

Step1-Clearing: Decluttering, letting go and making room for the new 
Step2-Celebrating: Reviewing and acknowledging experiences and accomplishments
Step3-Contemplating: Visioning and planning for what we’d like for the New Year  
Step4-Candescenting: Mapping out of radiant experiences to expand ourselves 
Step5-Coordinating: Integrating plans and goals into your lifestyle 
Step6-Communing: Getting on the same page and collaborating on this with our partner 

The thing is that depending on where we are in our relationship and our life, and our current circumstances, we might benefit from doing more or less planning… 

~ The more we feel we, our relationship, and our life are a mess, the more we benefit from having a more concrete thought-out plan, that has clear routines, habits, and tactics. We need to really choose the things we want in our life that flow from our desires, vision, and values.

We can’t leave things to chance because things are so chaotic that we’ll just create more of that. Without a clear plan and guidelines, we’d just keep spinning and banging around… And the less likely we are to get out of this situation and current circumstances… 

~ The more we feel we are doing ok, the lighter the planning can be where we can be more organic in our approach to our life. In this case we are in fabulous health, we are creating a radiant and successful relationship with our partner, and our life feels magical… We manifest easily and with ease.

Things feel smooth, pretty, and abundant most of the time. We’ve done the heavy lifting, all the doing, all the grinding and have moved to a more magnetic, flowy, and peaceful approach to all aspects of our life… 

Our approach to our planning for wrapping up the current year and setting ourselves up for the New Year is to be tailored to where we are and how we are doing. 

Regardless of whether we need a more organized plan or a more fluid plan, I want to offer the next level to our “planning”… 

The next planning level has to do with bringing more awareness and intentionality to our planning…

Sometimes the vision we are working towards, and the goals and strategies we have been operating from, might be outdated… We could be expanding on preferences and desires conceived and outlined from an older version of ourselves… To add to this for our coming year would be a mistake for us as it keeps up with the ladder leaning against the wrong wall. 

A revision and update might be needed to really capture how we have evolved and where we want to go… 

And this is the icing:

The key is to focus on Allowing more of what we are looking to have more of by getting out of our own way. By Letting Go of outdated ideas, limiting beliefs, scripts, fear, defenses, ego, and such… 

When we clean ourselves up and get lighter by reprogramming or releasing patterns and stuck energies, then we are more resourced to make our dreams come true, dreams without attachments, dreams that just feel fabulous in their own right… Dreams that just come true, easily and with ease as if by magic… 

Consider what do you want more of in your relationship/life, and what do you need to let go of to be able to create that in your relationship/life- to Allow that to come into your relationship/life… More clarity and a cleaner slate help us do the right planning for us. 

Then, set a clear Intention of what you desire, what you would like to experience, in the coming year to electrify and magnetize your plan… Make your plan come Alive…


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APPLICATION:  Decide if you need an organized or a fluid plan for the new year if you haven’t done yours yet. Make a commitment to create yours by end the end of the year…  

~ Make sure you capture what the new version of you desires 
~ Make sure you bring in what you’d like to add to your relationship/life in the New Year
~ Set an Intention for how you’d like the upcoming year to flow and feel 

Approaching your yearly planning in a flexible manner that honors where you are at and who you are becoming is a delightful way to set yourself up to have your Best Year yet! 


Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!



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