Your relationship needs nourishment to thrive and uplevel


It is a common belief that committed relationships seem to fizzle out over time or not make it very long term. But this doesn’t have to be the case, in reality our relationship can get better with time… The thing is that because of that belief, the way that we set up our lives, and social trends, we just don’t expect to have a radiant and successful long-term relationship where connection and intimacy just get better with time. We are not all in from the get-go and settle from mediocre until it no longer works… A relationship not nurtured doesn’t thrive

That’s why it’s super important to commit to a Relationship Enrichment Lifestyle, where we prioritize our partner and our relationship and invest in a Successful Relationship Strategy™:

  • Upgrading our relationship mindset
  • Improving our communication skills and tools
  • Addressing unresolved issues and properly getting our needs met
  • Deepening our connection and increasing our intimacy
  • Creating a smooth collaboration and strong partnership with our partner

When we take our partner and our relationship for granted, the connection withers away, our intimate life takes a hit, and interactions get frayed with friction and conflict. We find ourselves fighting more and / or becoming more and more distant until there is barely a semblance of a relationship left… 

Living in the same home and having children in common is not substantiative enough to call that relationship your “Relationship”. 

A rewarding, satisfying, radiant and successful relationship is one where the partners: 
~ Feel at home when they are together. 
~ Are (healthily, not codependently) invested in the other’s wellbeing and success
~ Deeply understand and accept each other
~ Can truly be themselves and they are cherished for who they are
~ Have shared values and dreams 

This is the radiant and successful relationship we can create with our partner, and what we are to protect and sustain once we achieve it.   

The key here is first of all, not let it go south when we first start a new relationship. To set it up well from the beginning, with boundaries, reasonable expectations, honesty, trustworthiness, vulnerability, and authenticity. And then to continue to invest in those qualities and other powerful relational tactics to ensure we set up a strong foundation.  

But even after all that, and especially if our foundation is weak to begin with, we might get sidetracked with life where we start neglecting our relationship and taking our partner for granted. Hopefully we have the awareness that this is happening, and we can nip that in the bud and course correct to get back to a strong place. 

And if for some reason we don’t catch the downward slope early enough, or we just can’t seem to stop what appears to be a train wreck, that’s ok- just recommit to getting back to a good place and then invest in doing so. 

Getting professional help, in the form of couple therapy, marriage counseling or relationship coaching, would be beneficial at any of these stages, but it’s definitely needed if you are struggling and can’t seem to get your head above water. The sooner you get support the greater the chances of setting things on the right course and creating what you desire. Don’t wait too long, sometimes the damage that gets made is very difficult to undo. 

In most cases you can get back to that wonderful place and create something amazing… You CAN create the relationship you desire… 

So regardless of the status and state of your relationship, commit to investing in making it awesome. Commit to ongoingly, and even systematically, focus on nourishing your relationship so it has a chance to thrive.

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Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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