3 Steps to building Connection Habits™


We are at after the initial hustle and bustle of getting to back2school/business, and the accompanying anxiety, stress and overwhelm. We are at a time where the new routine starts to feel like second nature and can get into the groove. Where the energy of the season is inspiring, and productivity comes with ease… Where we can more heartily play with our Autumn Bucket List! Here is one to inspire yours.

And, here are 10 Autumn Couple Date Ideas to consider:

  • Cook Autumn Inspired Healthy Recipes
  • Go on a haunted hay ride or haunted house tour
  • Have a scary movies binge day
  • Take a hike when the leaves are turning colors, include a picnic
  • Take an outdoors yoga class or painting class
  • Go apple picking and make caramel apples
  • Plant bulbs for next Spring (even if in a window box or flower pot)
  • Plan an alfresco dinner when there is a full moon
  • Host a bonfire or an outdoor movie night
  • Volunteer to clean up parks or in any way that touches your hearts (New York Cares, Jersey Cares)

As I’ve been talking about Habit building as a tactic for creating your Meaningful Life and Successful Relationship(s), I want to clarify that not all habits are for being more productive and achieving goals… I’ve written before about Intentional Habits™ and Connection Habits™… These are a great set to integrate into our approach to life and relationship(s).

Focusing on how to better nurture our relationship with those important to us is a great investment in living our life to the fullest. This is where we give and receive love. This is where we belong. This is how we show others they are important to us. This is how we make others feel special. This is how we show appreciation. This is where we get replenished. This is where we create meaning. This is where we make the most impact…

In our humanity we are meant to be relational… At the end of our life it’s not the accumulation of material things that’d matter, but the accumulation of lovely memories and positive impact we’ve made…

Implementing Connection Habits™ into our life is a matter of 1) owning this is something important to us in the first place. 2) Then committing to making sure we nature the important relationships in our life. 3) And, finally creating a system for doing so.

It is very easy to lose track of time and forget to check-in and -on our loved ones. It is very easy to get sidetracked and not keep promises, not follow-up, not do anything loving or nurturing, or not invest an iota into build intimacy. It is very easy to be downright neglectful of the ones we love!

So, if creating amazing relationships with those you care about matters to you, commit right now to make a concerted effort to invest in nurturing those relationships. And, envision how it’d feel to be Connected. What it might look like. What the experience would be.

The next step is to create a system to make this seamless. Design a protocol, routine, schedule and such to integrate actions into your lifestyle that would nurture the relationship with your loved one. Incorporate rituals and traditions that speak to all involved. Make these simple, concrete and fitting to your life so they easily become Habits, Connection Habits™

Assignment: Choose a relationship you’d like to Nurture more. Commit to investing in showering it with more love. Decide on 3 behaviors (Concrete, Doable, Recurring) you’ll implement immediately to step up the nurturing of that relationship. Bring your authentic/higher self to the nurturing and do the behaviors with gusto!

We are meant to be in Connection, without it we actually don’t have Successful lives… Creating meaningful connection doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes desire, commitment and intentionality. It’s not about being constantly surrounded by people… It’s about Connecting with those around us, and especially the ones we care about…

Complete the Assignment, and share your takeaway, insights, and results with a note in the Comments box at the end! I’d love to hear how you are using this content.

Happy Connecting!




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