Awakening to Thanks-giving


There is truly nothing better than a full heart… When we appreciate, recognize, and are Grateful we Transcend to a higher estate infused with joy and bliss… If you are looking for the magic bullet in life, this is it…

We can do our Gratefulness Practice for two reasons: One, because it just feels great and has a major positive impact in our life. Two, because being appreciative, thankful, and acknowledging makes others feel good. This is a win-win.

Obviously, not everything we are Grateful for is other-related and we wouldn’t necessarily be sharing it. But anything having to do with others, why not? We don’t show appreciation and recognition enough. We don’t focus on the positives enough. So, if we see the good, let’s acknowledge it!

As we know, and as I’ve written before, we have a strong Negativity Bias (our brain’s built-in evolutionary protection). We just go around looking for what’s wrong, out of place, incomplete, imperfect, and the like. Go easy on yourself if this is you. For now, just acknowledge that this is a defense to feel safe… 

It’s important to understand the things that create our insecurity and to address them… Instead of feeling the victim set a boundary, address a transgression, take charge and meet your needs. Don’t get hang up on this. Take care of it and move on. Shift your focus to the good stuff.

Interestingly, once we make a concerted focus to notice and revel in the positives, things start to shift… We start noticing that we are ok, that there are no life-threatening monsters coming out of the closet.

This dual focus creates momentum in breaking the Negativity Bias and allows us to enjoy the Blessings in life… Whether you are a novice or a virtuoso at bypassing the Negativity Bias, full on embracing a Grateful Heart just makes for a better Human Experience… Not only does it feel good, but impacts our wellness, connection and success. It changes our brain, our estate, our health… It helps us connect, love and feel love… It influences our bandwidth, energy, performance and more…

Enjoying the Blessings in our life is what life is about, if we don’t intend to enjoy what is the point? Everything we do is to have a Human Experience, there is the enjoyment in and of itself… There is a Blessing in that… There is Gratefulness to be had about that… It only requires awareness… This part of the concept is a bit more advanced and not for the faint of heart… If you are not here, that’s ok.

Regardless, I am positive there are Blessings in your life. If you are having a difficult time seeing them, stretch a little and look a little harder. You might even want to ask someone else what they would consider Blessings in your life…

The key is to get out of our own way and to look more and more for all the Blessings… In doing so we retrain, reprogram our brain and Elevate ourselves… This shows in our health, our environment, our relationships, our accomplishments, our influence, and everywhere else. This is the estate to be in… And, it’s free (haha). Really, it doesn’t cost anything to be Grateful and the benefits are priceless…

Our tendency to focus on the negatives gets in our way of being able to see the Blessings. Our job is to put the negative in context and address it not letting it take over our life. Our job additionally is to see the silver lining, appreciate all we have, recognize what’s available, see the positives and be open to the possibilities. Our job is to Allow the good to show up… The more we focus on our Blessings the more Blessings are bestowed upon us…

What we resist persists… Let go of the negatives…

What we focus on grows… Focus on the Blessings…

This is Gratefulness. This is an estate of Abundance. This is the true definition of Thanksgiving.

ASSIGNMENT: For the next week, pull out all the stops. Have a perpetual running script playing in your mind. Look for the Blessings and what to appreciate everywhere. Be in a constant position of noticing, searching and being aware. Take note of how much there is to be Grateful for, how Abundant your life is. How Blessed you truly are. Every second of the day. Keep this going and notice your physical, mental, emotional and energetic shift… You’ll be amazed… This is the way to go… Embrace it full on!

Hey, you might even consider integrating your Gratefulness Practice into an ongoing part of your routine… If you already do this, how can you take your Practice to the next level… Embrace it full on!

Wishing you an awakened and marvelous Thanksgiving.

Complete the Assignment, and share your takeaway, insights, and results with a note in the Comments box at the end! I’d love to hear how you are using this content.

Happy Thanks-giving!




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