Declutter to create space for newness in your life and your relationship (VIDEO)


Happy new month. A new month brings a new beginning. This one is super special as it also brings Spring in these parts. A new season and the season of new beginnings to boot. Just lovely. I hope you are feeling the Spring and freshness in the air, and not just because of the season change, but as change is looming… We want to be ready for the change so we can ride the new wave… Declutter to create space for newness in your life and your relationship.

I know that for myself, when there is too much stuff around me or in my life that I don’t feel well. This might include things like piles of paper. How does that keep happening? I’m still working on cracking the code on not creating more piles, and fully converting to a paperless personal system. We are already paperless in the practice, but the personal just needs some more TLC… LOL

This might include a wake of supplies used for projects, or new purchases and gifts that still need a home. Or, new work processes that still need to be streamlined, too many projects, or a packed calendar.

I know I feel amazing where there is more flow in my life- more spaciousness in my days, in my routines, and in my workflow. This allows me to better tap into my creativity, to be more present, more patient and more pleasant and compassionate. Including to myself!

Does this resonate for you? That your life might be so packed, even with awesomeness, that then it is challenging to take a moment to smell the roses, to enjoy the creation. And most of the time, our lives are not even packed with awesomeness, they are packed with so much noise…

What does this mean? This means we must wade through the immediate clutter, to create space to tackle the rest of the clutter… It’s like taking everything off a table so you can then use the table to sort and organize your stuff.

To what end? Why is this important? Having spaciousness in our lives allows us to Be in our lives… When our lives are too packed, then we are just doing and not fully living…


Spaciousness and Decluttering

When there is spaciousness in our lives, we can more easily take the observer role, assess, get inspiration, course correct, manifest, transcend, witness the magic, enjoy and savor…

Spaciousness allows us to engage and play with different part of ourselves, to show up differently, to better nurture ourselves and others, to experiment with new experiences, to create what we desire…

Creating space in our life allows us to welcome newness in our life…

I love making space. I do this again and again as I’m constantly adding new things in my life, and I want to ensure I maintain the sense of spaciousness. We don’t want to just keep adding stuff. We want the additions to create Newness… 

This means having an ongoing practice of assessing what needs to go. This also means embracing cleansing rituals at specific junctures during the year to support transitions and new chapters… Typically these are during the New Year, Springtime, and Back-to-School/Work…

So, let’s do some decluttering!

Decluttering can obviously be done a multitude of ways, to whatever degree we like, and on whatever catches our fancy.

I go through different phases where my decluttering means I might go all out and deconstruct everything… To where I just clear recent build ups and annoyances.

In a prior issue on decluttering I shared, that I have a Refreshing Springtime Ritual for clearing the old and creating space for the new…

Springtime is a time when I refresh how I do and show up to my life and relationship/s, and I make sure I’m on track with my yearly plan:

• I use this time to clean out junk, excess, accumulation, old things, expired things, no longer wanted things, and such.

• I use this time to clean out, tweak, streamline, retarget, refresh routines, habits, rituals, practices, approaches, and such.

• I use this time to clean out commitments, activities, goals, projects, tasks and such that are no longer in alignment with my values, current vision, and desires.

• I use this time to clean out my mind of any running scripts or limiting believes that might be currently creating havoc, sabotaging, or undermining my endeavors and wishes.

• I use this time to clean out any funky approach, defense mechanisms, or less-than desirable personal characteristics when relating with others especially my most loved ones.

This decluttering, cleaning, clearing, gets rid of anything stale or no longer fitting, and allows for the new to emerge… It’s a wonderful refreshing activity that makes a great addition to our Best Life tactics repertoire.


Watch the video for details on these important decluttering areas… Enjoy!


APPLICATION: Select a decluttering area that resonates the most for you to focus on decluttering in the coming weeks. You can continue onto the others as you need.

          Set time aside to:

~ Review what you’d like to accomplish with this project

~ Break the project down into smaller focus areas/tasks

~ List your smaller areas/tasks by priority in the order that they’d give you the most respite with the least amount of effort…

~ Schedule your top three items into your calendar- Give each enough time so you can complete them. If it seems that they might not get completed in the amount you allotted, then the task either needs to be split into different time segments or is too large and needs to be broken down further.

Be realistic on how you plan and schedule this as it’ll set the tone for how you make progress…

Enjoy the clearing and witness the new emerge…

When we clear and create spaciousness, we can be more in tune with our intuition, gifts, creativity, compassion, and all the other yumminess that might otherwise elude us when we are on the go. We can feel the rhythms, experience the flow, and ride the new wave…

Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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