Mapping out meaningful experiences through the next 90 days


The next 90 days can make a real huge difference as to how you end up making out for the year. This is the time to regroup so you can reset your focus, targets, and desires…This is also the time to realign against your values and how you want the rest of the year to go. What kind of year do you want to have in all?

How do you want this one to go down in history? How do you want to have made your life better? How do you want to have gotten a bit closer to your Life Vision? The key is in mapping out meaningful experiences through the next 90 days…

You see, I used to be a real grinder… I can still be- I’m highly productive, can work tirelessly for endless hours, and do it without blinking an eye… The difference is that not only have I learned to work smarter and get better support, but now also I prioritize myself and my lovies a lot better and more than I ever used to.

For instance, I have embraced cultivating a Self Love Practice, that goes way beyond my already rich Self Care Practice… These have made such a massive difference in my wellbeing, health, connection, and just in my overall abundance. Not only did this help with safeguarding my energy, mental health, bandwidth, and time, but also with optimizing them…

A favorite tactic that I have truly enjoyed from this practice is Mapping Out Experiences. Since I’ve had such wonderful success with this, I wanted to highlight it here for you so hopefully it has the same beautiful impact in your life.

Because we are starting the last quarter of the year, I wanted to offer something that would have a significant impact on the flavor of your year so it’s more memorable… And usually, things that are memorable have to do with feelings, connection, memories and the like… The softer side of life…

To that end, I want to specifically focus on Mapping Out Experiences through the Next 90 Days. I’m sure you’ve heard that we are moving from the Information Age to the Experiences Age…

So, Mapping Out Experiences it is:

  • This has to do with identifying what kind of person you want to show up as in this world, and expanding your identity as necessary creating the new version of you…
  • This has to do with creating a master working list of experiences that help you stretch
    into, practice, and personify the new version of you.
  • This has to do with creating a seasonal, yearly or life bucket list to inspire you into new
    or repeat favorite experiences that bring you joy.
  • This has to do with identifying interest and pursuits and creating a cadence to engage in them, so they are consistently an inspiration and recharging source in your life.
  • This has to do with creating rituals and upgraded traditions that add more flavor,
    meaning and richness to your interactions and life flow…

Playing with any of the above will improve your life significantly… The key here is to pursue this in moderation yet playing full out. You don’t want to overload yourself and then end up shooting yourself on the foot because your life is so crammed that even the fun things are not enjoyable…

Once you have identified all the awesomeness you want to enrich your relationship/s and life with, then it’s time for Mapping Out Experiences.

Here is to wondrous and meaningful next 90 days!


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APPLICATION: Complete the experience list/s that made your heart skip a bit when you read it. Which resonated most for you?

~ Review your list/s for the items you’d really like to experience or implement
sooner than later. Mark all that apply.

~ Now go back and prioritize them becoming more selective. You want to
sprinkle these into your lifestyle, not overrun it…

~ Then add one or two interests into your weekly/monthly routine following some sort of cadence.

~ Then schedule fun outings, events or other plans and experiences.

~ Finally, dust your plan with a new ritual or tradition to really take the whole thing to the next level…

Do this for the next 90 days, and keep this as part of your reset to do on a
quarterly basis… And, this is how you keep creating your Best Relationship/s and Best Life… Enjoy!

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed while we do what we are meant to do with our Journey… Make the most of it by intentionally pursuing the things that give you joy and purpose…


Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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