A strong partnership is key to creating your Best Life


Are you creating your Best Life? Do you have a Life Vision? Do you have a Joint Life Vision? How do you know what you are working towards every day? Are you just focused on making ends meet, or are you working towards something? Are all your choices in alignment with your values and creating your Best Life? Is all your effort put towards it? Or are you squandering your precious resources, your focus, energy and time? Becoming a strong partnership is key to creating your Best Life.

It is very common for people to not have a Life Vision and goals for the future, as is also very common for couples to not be on the same page about their future and working towards a joint vision together. Couples don’t usually have a Joint Life Vision.

When couples don’t have a Joint Life Vision, they don’t have a North Star guiding their life. They don’t have a way to filter their actions, their activities, their habits, their routines, their lifestyle, their spending – all their decisions and approach to their relationship and their life.

A Joint Life Vision is the map to where you want to do, what kind of life you want to create. Not having one means you are banging around through life, creating by default, and possibly focusing on the wrong things.

Having this map, doesn’t mean the route is written in permanent marker, that you can’t take the scenery route here and there, or park by the side of the road every so often. Having this map, a Joint Life Vision, does mean you are going in the right direction and enjoying the ride.

Creating a Joint Life Vision is much easier to do when you are operating as a strong team, when you become a strong partnership… Partners that feel stuck and are pointing the finger at each other, that can’t get on the same page, who keep having the same issues and can’t get out of their own way, and who feel disconnected have a hard time with this.

Setting common goals, working towards them and collaborating is not easy to do with our partner if the rest of the relationship is off…

To create an awesome life, we need to have an awesome relationship… When our relationship is off, it is challenging for the rest of our life to feel right and be epic…

Where does this leave us in terms of creating our #BestLife? It means we have a dream, a Life Vision, and work towards it while we give our relationship a lot of TLC…

Here is a quick formula to wrap our mind around this:

👀  Have your own Life Vision, flesh out all the life areas and then focus on your top 3
💗  Always make your relationship part of the top 3
👏  Once you are in a good place with your partner, share your Life Vision and create a Joint Life Vision
📐  Align your whole life against this Joint Life Vision
🛠  Create systems with your partner for easy collaboration and a divide and conquer approach

What does it mean to align your whole life against the life vision?

  • It means you make sure your daily routine and habits flow from your values and align with your goals
  • That you spend time on activities that help you complete projects that flow from your goals
  • That you spend time on goals that move the needle forward in creating your life vision


Make the Baby Steps Count

What kind of habits and activities are we talking about?

Let’s say, that you are focusing on the 3 main life themes: Wellness, Connection and Success. You’d make sure that you have habits and activities in these themes (their related life areas), to accomplish goals in these areas and move the needle forward in creating your life vision…

This can look something like this:

🌟Wellness (Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental): Meditation, Intermittent Fasting, Exercise, Reading
>> For fitness, vitality, longevity, resilience and personal development

🌟Connection (Relational, Social): Check-In Chat, Delight Partner, Sexy Time, Fun Outing/Event
>> For a radiant and successful relationship, and strong community

🌟Success – (Financial, Lifestyle): TimeMapping, Networking, Budgeting, Writing
>> For wealth, social impact and great life

Making daily habits and actions of these is the easiest way to stay focused and cranking along…

In the daily routine is also where the managing the business of life, the domestic, personal tasks and projects, and other ventures and life projects happen, and which are best tackled in collaboration with your partner.

The divide and conquer approach and the synergy inherent in your partnership propels your creation and manifestation forward. This is how you seamlessly create your Best Life, your (Joint) Life Vision.


Collaboration FLOW

Here are some Collaboration Flow suggestions that work super well for our couples when they need support in this area:

💫 Bulk food shopping, grocery deliveries (sun, wed) – Keep a running shopping list to easily grab everything in one shopping event
💫 Laundry (sun, wed) – Throw in a couple of loads as needed (don’t do laundry every day, don’t let it pile up!)
💫 Food prep (sun) – Cook/bake a couple of things, cut up veggies and fruit – portion out and store (freeze if possible)
💫 Synchronizing Meeting (sun) – Have a moment on Sunday evenings to get on the same page about the upcoming week
💫 Check-In Chats (daily before or after dinner) – Have a moment to catch up on the day and get on the same page as needed
💫 Weekend Planning (thu) – Map out the flow, and plan the activities and fun for the upcoming weekend
💫 Integrating Meeting (sat) – Make time to meet to plan, discuss, share or what work on yourselves, the relationship, your finances, home renovations, and other projects

Creating structures, systems and automations makes it much easier to run a joint life freeing up time, energy and attention for Being and Enjoying.

Here is to your smooth, harmonious, and joyful home and family.

Here is to seamlessly creating your Best Life with your Partner!

Wishing you much joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


PS: APPLICATION – Consider where you have glitches in your weekly flow and collaboration with your partner and implement any Collaboration Flow suggestions that fit your needs.

🌟 Feel free to create your own. The key is to create an ongoing solution to address a need or recurring glitch…





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