Connection Habits help enhance or rekindle love… (VIDEO)


Happy Love Month! This is when things can begin to look up. It is up to us to grab the possible new vibe… It is up to us to create a new vibe… Will you continue to feel exhausted, burnt out, unmotivated and blah?

Or will you replenish yourself with a rich Self-Love Practice and set the right tune for the year? Will you generate lovely notes to fill your heart and share it with others? Will you be open to giving and receiving more love in your relationship? Connection Habits help enhance or rekindle love… 

Partners operate as if once they have a commitment from each other that the relationship box can be checked off.

Because we finally found our Soulmate (our best possible match for us now with all the potential in the universe), it doesn’t mean that we can now move on to other projects or life endeavors…

This is the furthest thing from what we should be doing (yes, I’m using the word should– that’s how important this is!). If we don’t make a commitment to be fully invested in our relationship from now till we choose otherwise, we won’t have a choice about it eventually… If we don’t invest in our relationship, if we don’t nurture it, it could get so bad we’d be running for the hills, or living a very unhappy life…

Our relationship is like a garden, if we don’t water it, it withers and dies…

Most partners have no clue how to Nurture their relationship, especially if they are struggling or going through a slump. Nurturing our relationship doesn’t have to be this illusive concept and challenging effort…

The easiest way to strengthen your bond, deepen your connection, and enhance or rekindle your love is through Connection Habits.


Connection Habits

When partners think about how to improve or uplevel their relationship, they often find themselves at a loss.

There are many factors at play in our relationship that make it challenging for us to figure out where to start to make things better… A lot of times our efforts are Band-Aids on dirty wounds. Even the best of intentions are taken the wrong way and do more harm than good. But this is not as hopeless as it seems. The key is to first plant a flag to stop spinning, and then go from there.

What is this flag? This has to do with having a Relationship Enrichment Mindset™… If our mindset is messed up about our relationship (or relationships in general!) and about our partner, we are starting off on the wrong foot. Therefore, the best thing to do is to address our mindset… 

With an upgraded relationship mindset, the universe is the limit!

Once we’ve cleaned ourselves up and have donned clean lenses, we are ready to play with the rest of the relationship, including integrating Connection Habits to nurture the relationship and our partner…  

We can build any habits in our life including Connection Habits to Nurture our relationship!


I. Connection Habits for Strengthening Your Bond

Your Bond is the Essence of your relationship. This is what makes you feel like you are in a relationship, that you belong, that you are not alone, that somebody has your back, that you are a Partnership.

Connection Habits in this area have to do things like staying in touch, checking-in, sharing, debriefing, doing caring or caretaking activities.

II. Connection Habits for Deepening Your Connection

After a while relationships tend to go south or flat if the partners have not intentionally addressed concerns and patterns and if they haven’t nurtured each other and the relationship. It is very easy to feel disconnected from our partner. We might go through the basic motions of being in a relationship, but if the interactions remain superficial based on the mundane we start to feel less connected…

Connection Habits in this area have to do with having deeper and more meaningful interactions like processing triggers, discussing life, sharing desires, wishes, dreams, developing traditions, having planning sessions

III. Connection Habits for Enhancing or Rekindling Your Love  

If we neglect the relationship and our partner, the love does fade away (sorry, don’t shoot the messenger!)… Love is a verb, it is not a noun… When we are not loving we can’t feel love… For us to feel the love for our partner, we have to cultivate it. The more we cultivate the more we harvest… This is also true for if you are not feeling romantic love for your partner or if you believe you “fell out of love”…

Connection Habits in this area have to do with doing the loving, wooing, and charming gestures that are fun or romantic, spark joy, create memories, have a ritualistic aspect, touches the other’s heart, makes the other feel special and cherished…

 We can easily stay on a path to creating a successful relationship and epic love with our partner by intentionally and systematically being nurturing with Connection Habits…


Watch the video for inspiration on establishing Connection Habits… Enjoy!


MONTHLY THEME GUIDE: Dating Your Partner

APPLICATION: This Month of Love step up your game nurturing your relationship and your partner.

💗Depending on the current state or feel of your relationship, decide where your relationship could use an infusion of Connection Habits:

• Strengthening Your Bond
• Deepening Your Connection
• Enhancing or Rekindling your Love

You can add one habit per category for a balanced approach, or focus on one of the categories with more habits to really upgrade that area. 

💗Decide what kind of feelings you’d like to feel and what kind of feel you’d like the relationship to have, and design your habit/s with the intention of generating those feelings.

💗Integrate the habit/s into your daily, weekly, monthly routines to automate nurturing your relationship…

Have fun design and integrating habits that tickle your hearts!

It doesn’t have to take work to nurture your relationship and show your partner love. Implementing a Connection Habits Tactic takes all the effort out of creating a loving and joyous relationship!


Here is to much connection and love this month and the rest of the year!

Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!



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