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Hope you are having an amazing week and are enjoying this summer-like weather! I’m ready for my mums, pumpkins and fall wardrove, but I’m still ok with the sun and warm weather… It’s been hectic around here with new Autumn projects both personally and professionally. But, not losing sight of flowing from values, staying focused, keeping things simple, leaving room for breathing, and the like. How are you doing with this (the Essentialism) concept?

Sometimes it’s challenging to narrow down our focus, choose our commitments, systematize our operations, protect against distractions, and capitalize on our strengths… We want to please. We want to impress. We want to be a part of it all. We find everything interesting or fun. We like to juggle and change things up. We wing it…

This is a sure way to burn oneself out, live with a lot of stress, have things fall through the cracks, not excel at what we do, not be as productive as we can be, not make an impact or get a lot of satisfaction at the end of the day. This is just a lot of busy.

We create a more meaningful and rewarding journey, and life when we:

Live by our Purpose 

Live by our Virtues

These lenses help make the right choices for us… They invite us to operate from our Passion and from our Strengths… Our Virtues are our Character Strengths. As a parent of a teenager, and just because, I like to play with developing/identifying and honoring our character strengths, living by our Virtues… But sometimes knowing these is even challenging!

I love that we can actually measure our Character Strengths. Woohoo! So glad I found this resource. Our Character Strengths can be classified into these categories:

  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Humanity
  • Justice
  • Temperance
  • Transcendence

Once we know what our Virtues/Character Strengths are, we can capitalize on these as opposed to trying to be somebody we are not… We can use these to implement our Essentialism philosophy, to relate to others, to parent, to build our teams, and so on. Knowing and utilizing ourselves well makes a huge difference in our productivity and satisfaction level across all areas of our life…

And of course, knowing how we operate best and what are our Practical Strengths is also essential… If our talents are wasted we are not doing anybody any good, specially ourselves! This goes hand-in-hand with the concept of Unique Brilliance, initially developed as Unique Ability by Dan Sullivan.

When we operate from our Unique Brilliance we leverage our talents and strengths. Operating from our Unique Brilliance means we only do things we are awesome at… The rest is a waste of our time!

Focusing on utilizing our Unique Brilliance allows us to let go of the rest, to reassign, delegate, outsource… You can identify your Unique Brilliance, using the: Unique Brilliance Quadrant, sorting all the tasks on your plate by your skill/strength level. Use this to choose what you say “yes” to and what you allow on your plate, in all areas of your life… The goal is to eventually only have tasks at which you are Uniquely Brilliant!

When you start operating from this approach, you free up tons of time! You become more productive, enjoy what you do a lot more, you have more time and energy to spend with your loved ones and to pursue different kinds of fun, your everyday life becomes seamless and your life journey more meaningful. You feel more competent, awesome, energized – simply Brilliant!

Remember to complete the MetroRelationsip™ Assignment below to help you effortlessly implement this, make changes and immediately start creating your Successful Relationship and Meaningful Life…

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Happy Shining!



~ Your MetroRelationship™ Assignment

Complete your Unique Brilliance Quadrant, tracking all the tasks currently on your plate by if you excel or don’t into the respective quadrants. You can do one for your personal life and one for your professional/entrepreneur life.

Note, all the tasks currently on your plate that fall into the two bottom quadrants… This is what is killing your energy, stressing you out, and taking the joy out of your everyday life… These tasks should not be on your plate!

Starting with the bottom right quadrant, start reassigning, delegating, or outsourcing those tasks… Keep going till this box is empty!

Add this to your Tool Kit…



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