Make this a Summer of upleveling


Summertime is one of my favorite times of year. I love everything about it but most importantly I love it as it offers the opportunity to really slow down and be with ourselves and all that is important to us… I find this to be a magnificent time to play at self-growth and relationship enrichment to uplevel our lives. Let’s make this a Summer of upleveling.

When we think of personal development, self-growth, relationship enrichment, and such as a focus, it might feel like a dense project… But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, focusing on upleveling our life can be really light and fluffy. You can go about evolving yourself and creating the relationship you desire, by just setting the intention to be more mindful and present…

You decide how much you want to play with this idea, how much you want to focus on it, and how much you are open to putting into it.

I know that when I focus on a specific growth place, that what ensues is pure transformation. It has a ripple effect into all areas of my life, including my relationship if I wasn’t focusing directly on it.

Self-growth and Relationship Enrichment as a Summer focus can take on many forms. Here are some possibilities that you can use to inspire your specific play and focus:

  1. Identify an area that needs healing and implement a tactic to help you with it
  2. Identify a relationship area you want to upgrade and discuss it with your partner as to how to address it
  3. Integrate a new spiritual or self-care practice into your routine
  4. Decide to supercharge your communication by removing communication roadblocks
  5. Identify character strength you’d like to develop and create opportunities to practice it
  6. Choose a personal project you want to do and create space in your lifestyle for it
  7. Decide to change your patterns and your dynamics and take actions to shift codependence traits
  8. Identify activities that would offer the opportunity to play with your growth areas
  9. Decide you’ll take your relationship to the next level and implement more connection habits
  10. Consider creating a more passionate relationship and what that would entail, embrace a new intimacy approach to that end

So what would this Self-growth and Relationship Enrichment focus look like for you this Summer? What are areas of your life you’d like to upgrade? Who do you need to become to be able to make that happen? How do you need to show up differently to allow what you desire? What do you need to let go of to allow for and to create space for the new?

Creating the relationship and life we desire, doesn’t happen by default, by accident or by some chance. We have to have to know what we want, be open to that or something better, and have our own back in making it happen…

Are you game? Will you accept my invitation to make this a Summer of Self-growth and Relationship Enrichment?

Would love for you to join in and also have a Summer of upleveling!



APPLICATION: Decide what flavor of Self Growth and Relationship Enrichment you’ll focus on for this Summer of Upleveling…

~ Create a simple plan for playing with your choice

~ Identify what you’d like to experience and feel as you go

~ Identify the outcome you’ll like to achieve

~ Get support to help you stay accountable and making progress


We are always evolving, growing and moving forward in one way or another… It is great to have a hand in how that plays out and how our Journey is to unfold, to the extent we can of course. Being in connection with our Higher Self in this process ensures it all works out for the best for the highest good of all and that we fully and completely honor ourselves…

Here is to the best Summer Upleveling™ yet!


Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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