After large numbers of deaths in NY/NJ, the outbreak seems to be slowing down and the curve flattening a bit in this area. Yay! This is just the beginning of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Hey, I’ll take ANY good news. Focusing on the good is Good…

What insights have you gotten about yourself as a result of this experience so far?

How have you stretched outside your comfort zone to step up your game in self-management and positively responding to this crisis?

What are you seeing as possible personal lessons and takeaways up to this point?

We’ve been at this for give or take a month now with a few more weeks to go, at least… Have you hit your stride with being locked-down, or are you still adjusting?

Are you concerned about the sustainability of the temporary new normal? What are the things that concern you the most? How do you usually deal with things that trouble or worry you? Does your usual approach serve you, or do you need to uplevel to meet the demands of this time? How will the upleveling serve you in the future…?

How do you foresee possibly coming out stronger at the end of this?

Can you see what might end up being positives after all this is said and done?

I know it’s challenging to look for the good in the midst of a Pandemic… But, I see a lot of deconstruction happening, preempting ReConstruction. This is always a good thing…

Can you foresee how this might play out locally, nationally, and globally in all areas of life? How can you be part of the solution, of the reconstruction? What role would you play? What would be your place? How would you contribute? How can you start doing that now, if you aren’t doing that already?

This is the time to get out of our own way, to transcend the petty and the minutiae for the higher calling and for a more meaningful life…

Where are you in your Journey? What is the Pandemic spotlighting as the work you have do in your own life? Where is your growth place? What needs attention? What code do you need to crack? What are you proud you’ve accomplished or been able to do? What do you need support with to do better or change?

It’s during times of crisis that the big shifts happen and epic change is possible… What does this mean for your wishes for the world, and for yourself? How can you embrace this and ride this wave of transformation and new beginnings?

Yes, we are still in the muck. These questions might feel a bit premature… You might think this is completely missing the mark. But, I assure you that entertaining this lens, this mindset and this outlook is the way back to health and to a better tomorrow.

If you are not ready for this message, that’s OK. As I’ve been writing, we are all in different places, have been impacted to different degrees and with different flavors, and have different readiness levels. It’s all good. We are where we are in our Journey. Take what serves you right now, ignore what doesn’t.

But, regardless of where you are, I implore you to toy with some of these questions to help you align, regroup and prosper faster and better…

Regardless of what is happening out there, change starts in here…

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As we all do ourselves better, collectively we do better. Let’s step up our self-management, let’s show up better for ourselves, for our partner, for all our loved ones, for our community and for the world at large. Now that’s how we create a better world… It all starts with us…

ASSIGNMENT: Train your mind to look for the lessons, for the growth places, for how to do things better, for how to show up better, for how to step it up, for how to ask better questions, for how to look for better solutions,  for how to see the silver-lining, for how to see the good, for how to see the beauty, for how to do our Human Experience in a worth-while way…

As we begin to entertain coming out on the other side of this, make this experience mean something and count for something… See how you can use it as part of your Journey…

Complete the Assignment, and share your takeaway, insights, and results with a note in the Comments box at the end! I’d love to hear how you are using this content.

Happy Transcending!


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