Reprogram yourself with self-reparenting


This month we celebrated Mother’s Day, this upcoming month we are celebrating Father’s Day. These are gorgeous reminders to celebrate our elders. We tend to live with blinders on forgetting where we come from… But most importantly these can serve as reminders that though our past might inform who we are, that it doesn’t define who we are unless we let it… I invite you to explore what informs who you are and to have a say in the matter! ReProgram yourself with self-reparenting to change your patterns.  

As we’ve been playing with the theme of nurturing is not caretaking and codependency traits, it is obvious that we have programming that is getting in the way of how we see ourselves, how we show up in our lives, and we interact with others. This is of special note when it comes to our romantic relationship. We tend to create painful and dissatisfying recurring patterns in our relationship when we show up with our defense mechanisms and our programs…

This has always been an issue for people and for relationships, but this is so much more so now adays as our world is becoming more awake, conscientious and authentic…

When we hide and numb ourselves with grinding, busyness, overscheduling, overcommitting, overdoing, scrolling, swiping and surfing, and the rest of it, we are disconnected from ourselves and therefore keeping ourselves in pain…

Then we focus externally for answers and solutions. We blame our boss, government, politics, market, global warming, and so on. Worse, as we know – we blame our parents and more significantly we blame our partner. We people please. We deny ourselves. We continue to hide. We continue to suffer…

When all we have to do is go inward for the answers and the solutions… If only we just did this, we can seamlessly change ourselves, our relationship, and our life… I promise!

When we go inward and connect with ourselves, we see the programs and address them, we can get all the other answers we need, and most awesomely we connect with our brilliance… When we do this, we let our radiance shine right through, and life becomes magical…

When we are connected with ourselves, we can easily identify our feelings, our parts, our programs, our needs, our purpose, our vision and so on. This is a very powerful and resourceful state… You are your friend. 

Better yet, when you do this, you can determine what you need to do to heal yourself, to grow yourself up, to evolve yourself, to transcend and to ascend… Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, all this is still true for you to develop yourself and enjoy your human experience. To have your best human experience, your best life.

Connecting with yourself helps you connect with your inner child and to tend to it… This is where the self-reparenting comes in… You can give yourself what you desired and needed growing up that you were unable to get from your imperfect caregivers… Connecting with your inner child allows you to take care of yourself at a deeper level. Self-care takes on a whole new meaning now… It helps your inner child be heard, seen, validated, fully accepted and loved unconditionally…   

You can give yourself some mothering and some fathering to bridge the gap and counter your programming… This helps with healing and this helps with growing up…

Taking care of ourselves this way means embracing a Self-Love Practice and a Personal Development Practice…

When we are committed about having our best human experience, it makes sense to tend to what about us holds us back from experiencing it and living it. Our programming is at the core of it. If we want to reprogram ourselves, we need to include inner child work to our repertoire to assist us change the patterns…

 Your inner child can’t wait to get attention from you!




APPLICATION: Time for some reparenting…

 ~ Explore where in your life you find you suffer the most. Where do you find you have the most programs, or recurring patterns? What themes are pervasive in your life, in your relationship?
~ Determine what you need, more mothering and/or more fathering… Consult your inner child…
Mothering- Do you feel like you need more love, attention, affection, caring, nurturing?
Fathering- Do you feel like you need more trust, safety, security, stability, consistency?
~ Design two habits or tactics that you’ll do recurringly to give yourself what you identified above. You can do one habit or tactic for each or both habits or tactics for either mothering or fathering depending on what you are looking to reprogram…  


When you start doing this deeper healing and honoring, everything in your life transform… Your relationship becomes magical, your life becomes magical…

Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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