Don’t you just love it when things fall into place, when things work out smoothly, when things are wonderfully addressed before they are minded, when things are on the right track and moving right along? I’m having one of those weeks. Yay! And, wish you the same 10-fold!

As you might already know, I’m great at setting up structure, organization and systems. This is my logic brain. As you might also know, I’m also very creative, passionate and intuitive. This is my other brain. They are both highly developed and together make a wonderful asset in my life. This helps me capitalize on what is important to me and operate better from my Values, personally and professionally:

Connection, Development, Diligence, Integrity, Excellence

All the things that are important to me and the way I operate are captured with these 5 Core Values… In a nutshell:

  1. Connection to higher power, self, family and other loved ones, community and the world at large.
  2. Personal, professional and business development and growth.
  3. Fully accountable, proactive, dependable, intentional and responsible to others.
  4. Honorable, truthful, trustworthy, loyal, fair, and transparent.
  5. Highest level of wellness, performance, efficiency, aesthetics, value provision, and Service.

These help me make decisions in all areas of my life including things like relating, commitments, activities, projects, etc. Values are not mutually exclusive, static or live in a vacuum. I like to look at these as building on each other and enhancing each other as well. I experience mine as Leveraged Values™. The cocktail they represent for me is extremely empowering. I find that when I fully honor my Values, is when things work out the best…

Here you can identify and capture your own Values by completing this simple exercise I found for this purpose: Values Exercise.

This is just another way to know ourselves better and to utilize ourselves to our fullest potential. Our Values integrated with our other qualities, strengths and assets make us unique and uniquely qualified to create and live our own amazing life… Don’t give your power away or live your life by default!

Here is a recap of other ways to fully be you:

Live by your Purpose

Live by your Virtues

Live by your Character and Practical Strengths

Once you have these handy, you can be intentional about everything. You won’t get caught over committed to things you don’t enjoy, or don’t make sense for the overall design of your life. This helps you find balance, harmony, joy, peace, meaning, happiness. This helps you have a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Take some time for yourself this weekend and play with these concepts. Identify what makes you unique and special, grab your Purpose, Values, Virtues, and Unique Brilliance. Let these guide your every move going forward. Let this be your Guiding Principle, your prime directive… Let the real you rule always!

Remember to complete the MetroRelationsip™ Assignment below to help you effortlessly implement this, make changes and immediately start creating your Successful Relationship and Meaningful Life…

Share your experience by leaving a comment below! 

Happy Ruling!


P.S. If you need more support integrating this into your life and creating your amazing life, we are here to help. I’d be honored to speak with you about how we can help you. Schedule a get acquainted call to connect and discuss how we can help and how to get started. Look forward to Connecting with you!


~ Your MetroRelationship™ Assignment

Put all your extra-curricular activities through the Leverage Values Test™. Each activity needs to meet a few of your Values and not impinge on another. If doing one thing hurts something else, then that activity is not actually flowing from your Values…

Disengage yourself from that activity, commitment, etc. ASAP… You’ll experience immediate relief, flow of energy, more joy, and the like. You’ll be surprised how much of a negative impact that was having under the guise of being something valuable…

Keep doing this till you are living your most authentic life… Enjoy!!

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~ Share Your Thoughts & Successes in the comment box at the end!

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