How to Upshift for your New Beginning [VIDEO]


Are you feeling inspired and motivated yet? Or, are you feeling out of sorts and kind of blue? Are you wanting to get better traction for the New Year? It recently heard that people use January as a breather from the hectic of the prior end-of-year… I’m wondering if this is true. I haven’t found this to be so, as an intentional tactic anyway… I think that most people mean to hit the New Year running but they immediately lose oomph, or they can’t get themselves into high gear. 

This ends up affecting their wellbeing, productivity, joy and even connectedness with their partner and other loved ones… Life just isn’t satisfying… It is not fun to feel out of sorts, floundering, unmotivated, overwhelmed, lost and the like… 

The key to any New Beginning, reset, or just plain and simple taking charge of our life to mold it into what we desire lies in how we choose to look at life itself… It has to do with how we view ourselves in our life, how we look at our context and situation, how we look at our partner, how we look at the world and everything else that is important to us…

Yes, getting esoteric and philosophical here for a moment – don’t worry, you know I always bring it down to takeaways, practical application, and assignments… I got you! 

First, we have to take the bird’s eye view of our Human Experience… Asking ourselves questions as to:

~ What is the meaning of our life?
~ What is our purpose?
~ How does our relationship play into it?
~ How is our partner our Life Partner?
~ How does our connection support our Journey?
~ What kind of life do we want to live?
~ What kind of legacy do we want to leave behind…?

Not for the faint of heart. But without the big questions how do we even know what we want to create and how to go about it? Usually, not only do we not have the answer, or thought-out answers, to these questions, but we also don’t have our back in going about creating the experience we want… 

As I mature and become wiser. As I practice what I preach. As I ongoingly seek to uplevel my experience while being deeply grateful and in awe of what it already is. As I learn more and do more research. As I connect with people smarter and more learned than me. I realize how beautiful and magnificent everyone is in our Human Experience. 

And, I realize that most everything boils down to Love… Don’t roll your eyes, hang in there. You’ll like this, I promise…

Everything boils down to Love… 

~ The way we are treated, is a reflection of how we treat ourselves… If we don’t love ourselves and treat ourselves well (including our ongoing self-talk in our head!), we won’t receive very good treatment… 
~ When we don’t feel well it usually has to do with how we’ve neglected ourselves… 
~ The happiest moments in our life can be narrowed down to moments of love and connection… 
~ Everything we do is primarily out of love and for our loved ones at the end of the day. 
~ When we think about what kind of life we would like to have lived, I’m sure very few people would say that they would prefer to have lived it alone.

Research shows that in advanced years people who had a successful relationship live long, healthy, and happy lives.

Therefore, it behooves us to start off by upleveling how we love ourselves… How we do our Self-Love Practice, and how we choose to show up in the world – including how we show up to our relationship. We can choose to be the Best Partner because we are connected with ourself, resourced, and very much brimming with love, and we can create the most amazing relationship in turn…

It all starts with the decision to want to uplevel your relationship and your life… 

Watch the video to learn how to start your New Beginning! 



Wishing you all the joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


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