Need Fathering in your life?


As we already started diving into in last week’s issue, Fathering is a very important concept in our life. From “fathering” comes discipline, the self-discipline we need to really succeed at our life.

How disciplined are you? Do you have systems or a mechanism in place to achieve your goals? Do you have goals? Do you have a strategy, a plan? We tackled this thoroughly for the New Year…  If we don’t know what we want and where we are going, how are we supposed to get it and get there?!

It is imperative that you have a Vision, and Strategy, for Living your life. This is your map, the instructions to your brain… With no directions/instructions we are nomads, we create our life by default. We don’t access our potential, we don’t achieve high performance, we don’t go the extra mile, we don’t push to win the race, we don’t put icing on our cake.

Since we are at the mid-year mark, this is a perfect time to review what we established at the beginning of the year, or to establish this now. Now is the time to see if your systems are supporting you. If your routines and habits are working for you. If you are staying the course.

To assess where you need to course correct, or where you need to tweak your plan to better support yourself in your Journey. And, if you are you new to this publication, or just haven’t gotten to this yet, the timing is perfect with half the year still to go.

When you take care of yourself and your life this way, you are creating security, safety, and stability. You are in essence Fathering yourself, meeting the basic foundational needs for success and creating an approach to Win at the Game of Life.

When you do your review, or start your Visioning and Strategizing, keep in mind to weave in Mothering components as well. We always need mothering and fathering (figures/energy) to fully evolve, thrive and create our best life. Put in a good measure of structure and systems (Self-Discipline) and through those implement a rich Self-Care Practice. This combo will rock your world!

Note, how intimately connected the two are. This is one of the reasons why most people struggle at Self-Care, they don’t have the Self-Discipline for it… And, people can’t sustain high performance, rigorous loads or ambitious agendas if they don’t properly fuel and take care of themselves… Isn’t this a beauty?

Balance is the key, work hard and care hard – and always with ease!

Assignment: As you embrace the summer season, make sure you set yourself up for full enjoyment, rejuvenation, and productivity. Set up your Summer Project or Theme flowing from your Life Strategy, up-level your Self-Care Practice, and have your Funnest Summer yet!

Just as we have reprogrammed around Mothering, compassion, self-love and self-care… We’ll reprogram around Fathering in the next issue to make sure you don’t get in your own way of success and building your Masterful Life.

Complete the Assignment, and share your takeaway, insights, and results with a note in the Comments box at the end! I’d love to hear how you are using this content.

Happy Mastering!


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