The time has come to decide who you really are, who you are meant to become, what kind of relationship you want and what kind of life you want. This is it! Do you want an extraordinary life?

Have you noticed that more and more systems are breaking down and revamping (deconstructing and reconstructing…)? We are at a moment of truth. This is our chance to barely hang in there by a thread or to take matters into our own hands, to take our existence to the next level. The choice is ours.

If we continue to look at everything from a survival stance, that’s what we’ll do. Just merely survive. If we want to live our extraordinary life, we have to accomplish extraordinary things. We cannot have an extraordinary life and accomplish extraordinary things by doing the minimum and the basics, and then hoping for the best…

To accomplish extraordinary things, we have to have extraordinary thoughts and take extraordinary action…

Have you noticed that the most successful people in the world have extraordinary visions and accomplish them? That doesn’t happen by accident. They groom and fully own how they think, their mindset, their habits, their self-management, their calendar, their word, their actions, their commitments, their investments – EVERYTHING…

Not only do they fully own themselves, but they stretch themselves and go big… They develop themselves to handle bigger.

To take advantage of the inherent opportunity built into our current world situation and reconstruct with extraordinary results, we have to embrace things differently than we usually do…

The version of ourselves that got us this far can only get us this far… If you are Ok with your status quo, then you are good. But if you are striving and pivoting for a better life, if you want to live your Best Life, if you want to have an extraordinary life, you have to take yourself to the next level.

You can’t settle for your current version of you and expect to do better… never mind extraordinary.

I’m imploring you to embrace a growth and personal development approach to your life so you can go big and do extraordinary things. So you can join the movement of creating a New World… So you can leave a legacy and have a positive impact. For you right now extraordinary can just be accomplishing more than you have been, and that’s perfect.

Whatever your goal or next level, it is vital to your future that you improve your present… This requires you to think differently, to make a mega commitment to your endeavor, and take massive action. If this sounds like too much work and not for you, that’s Ok. You can stay where you are. But if you want more, this is what it takes…

Assuming you are on the Journey to more with me, today we’ll add another concept to our repertoire. This is not a new concept; you might already be familiar with it. I don’t usually write about it so it’s fairly new here. It’s the concept of implementing The 10X Rule

This means that whatever you want, envision it as 10X more, bigger, better… For when our vision is this large, we approach the related goals, projects, tasks, and what it takes very differently.

Don’t let the hugeness scare you. For if you come up short on a 10X goal, you’d still be better off than if you accomplished 10% of that goal…

The beauty is in the hugeness of it, for it requires different strategies, tactics, systems, resources, support, and the like. It also requires more and sustained discipline, focus, dedication, stamina, and resilience to stay the course – hence my ongoing focus on personal development…

We’d approach a project much differently if we are planting a forest that just a tree… You see the difference of what we are able to accomplish depending on what we set out to do?

So, the key to an extraordinary life is to 10X what we want. We 10X the vision and we 10X our approach in turn… We don’t stop after we plant 1 tree. We have a plan for planting a forest.

And, this doesn’t mean we kill ourselves working. This just means we apply ourselves differently… In the end the effort is the same, but the results are nowhere in the same ballpark!

ASSIGNMENT: Take stock of your current life and where you are going. What are you shooting for?

-Are you trying to merely survive? Are you trying to get ahead? Are you shooting for Mars?

-What is your approach to your life? Are you invested in having an extraordinary life, or are you settling for average? The key is to make a choice. If you desire an extraordinary life, you have to approach your life with that intention in mind. Don’t be trying to have an extraordinary life by making an average investment… LOL

-If you want more than average, take a look at what you are working on and how you are going about it. Now 10X that! 10X what you are shooting for and 10X the actions towards achieving it… And, note that you don’t need to do all the work yourself… Ha! This is where people starting on this journey get hung up…

-Take one action today to get on the Extraordinary Life Track!

Think big, go big, create big! You can do it, just set your mind to it!!

Happy Creating!

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