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We’ve been on a little Journey together these past few issues. We’ve been diving into aspects of the 5 Elements in our Successful Couple Strategy™:

Boundaries (Element1: Context & Mindset – Empower Yourself)

Communication (Element2: Communication & Alignment – Improve Understanding)

Repeating Patterns (Element3:  Clarity & Dynamics – Change Patterns)

Connection (Element4: Connection & Intimacy – Feel Connected)

Today we’ll cover Collaboration (from Element5: Collaboration & Partnership – Become a Team). I love all the work of course, but I particularly enjoy this topic as this is where all the work seems to come together…

We can’t collaborate and create a strong partnership when we have different expectations and don’t fully own ourselves, when we can’t get on the same page and address differences, when we operate from defenses and keep triggering each other, and when we can’t connect and enjoy each other…

Partners struggle collaborating on the business of life and creating an amazing joint life together when the other Elements are not addressed. They have to white-knuckle things into place and life feels difficult…

Assuming you’ve been working on the other Elements, now you can have fun with this one! Collaboration is about the practical of creating the life you want. Intentionally designing your lifestyle, your approach to life and a way to achieve your dreams – without white-knuckling it!

Things to put in place to help you collaborate and create your joint life include:

  • Shared Life Vision…
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual routines, rituals and traditions
  • Agreements for sharing responsibilities
  • Systems for working together and having flow in your home
  • Goals and Projects to achieve Dreams
  • Couple Identify / Brand
  • Ways to inspire others
  • Giving back…

Here are prior issues to get you started:




Putting things in place that serve the individuals, the relationship and the family as a whole is not an easy feat. Partners have different brains, personalities, ways of operating, skills, knowledge base, preferences and the like. So even if the prior 4 Elements have been addressed, it is still not easy to work well together and set up things to create the best Joint Life.

To achieve the partners’ highest potential and tap into the Relationship’s inherent Synergy… This is the Goal… This is the Best Life… This is the whole point… Working together the sky is the limit…

Assignment: This is it. Invite your Partner to a sit down to assess the current functioning of your relationship, your family and your home. Review how you are doing with the first 4 Elements of the Successful Couple Strategy™.

Then, check in on how you collaborate? How do you share responsibility? How do make decisions? How do you get things done? How much are you able to accomplish? Are you making a dent, rocking your goals? How do you create? Are you creating your Vision, your Dream Life? And so on… Armed with this information, decide what are your next steps to go to the next level in your Life… Take an action towards that today!

Woohoo! We did it! We did some basic work in each of the Elements of the Successful Couple Strategy™. Hope you enjoyed the taste and are already experiencing a shift in your relationship! Savor it!

Complete the Assignment, and share your takeaway, insights, and results with a note in the Comments box at the end! I’d love to hear how you are using this content.

Happy Collaborating!


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