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Successful Relationship Lifestyle™

Get inspiration, tactics and more for creating your Successful Relationship™ ! We’ve created this continuously evolving section of different compilations and resources to assist you in your Journey.

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Relationship Nurturing - Love Launch™

 Love Launch™

During the 4 Weekends leading to Valentine’s Day (or another occasion, or just because!), you are to make a real concerted investment at nurturing your relationship. Do it with gusto and to please your partner. Put on the “dating lens” – remember you’d do anything for your partner then…? Go all out to make an impression. And, YOU enjoy the process as you go…



Weekends Countdown:

 Feeling like calling it quits? (Love Launch #4)

 Learn to have intimate talks (Love Launch #3)

 Mastermind your successful relationship lifestyle (Love Launch #2)

 Loving your self is the answer… (Love Launch #1)

Relationship Nurturing - Love Challenge™

 Love Challenge™

14 Day Love Challenge! Start on February 1st, or at any time you want to Jump-Start, Spring-to-Life, or Reset your relationship. Simple, yet powerful, Daily Relationship Nurturing Nuggets. Treat your partner right!  

Successful Couple Strategy™ - Communication & Alignment
Successful Couple Strategy™ - The Strategy
Successful Couple Strategy™ - Intentional Habits

Select Intentional Habits Posts

Implement pleasure and delight habits… (Video)

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